Tinnitus and energetic attachments. Can attachments be the cause of Tinnitus, the ringing of the ears?

baby-tinnitusI have one client with Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a noise you hear in your ear… It can be whistling, rustling, the sound of rushing blood…

It can interfere with your sense of well-being.

I have had a pulsing noise (pulsing to the rhythm of my heart beat) in my ear for some time… but because of all the emotional load on me, I am tough as nail… so it was just “par for the day”… for me.

But my client really suffered.

So… on Sunday there was a video in my “Digg” email about how a simple technique created silence for Tinnitus sufferers. The video didn’t say for how long. I said: OK…
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More vibrational reviews: is she an empath? is she a psychic? is she a witch? Rose Rosetree a second view

A client had his attachments pulled in March. He came back after seven months for a checkup. His vibration dropped 60 points.

I checked him for attachments, and he had nine, two of them healer attachments.

These are the people he bought classes from, or watched their videos.

1. Henna Datta, the wealth alchemist: personal vibration: 100.

2. Kristeanna Alfonso: “psychic” Personal vibration: 70

3. Belinda Davidson: personal vibration: 130. powerful dark energies. casts darks attachments on you

4. Michelle Lowbridge: erase money blocks… personal vibration: 160

5. Andrrea Hess personal vibration: 120

6. Teresa Dietz: can’t find her

7. Rose Rosetree Personal vibration: 170. even her videos distribute attachments. beware. the attachment on your forehead is from her. By the way, she calls herself an empath, but empaths connect without an energy cord… so she isn’t an empath. She is a witch… of the worst kind.

He asked how he could avoid getting more attachments in the future. I recommended that he asks me first… but given his attraction to low vibration people I don’t think I can hold him back: he is attracted to Dark Side, to shadow.

What is a spiritual path? Can a phony teacher take you where you want to go?

dont-be-upset-by-the-results-you-didnt-getWhen people ask for their vibrational measure, often they ask me to suggest a path they could follow to raise their vibration. Most of the time this is simple, they need to take one of the liquid remedies to feel better first. But today I got a request like that, and this person was different from the usual requests. When I connected to her, I connected to empty… hm. I decided to use writing to get clear, and to work through it for myself, I wrote this article.

My path… a look back

I was just like you until a few years ago. I made decisions on what to buy, what to use, what to believe on an emotional basis.

If something sounded good, I wanted it.
If I was suffering from something: frustration, difficulties, pain, or lack of sleep, I was more likely to fall for a solution that sounded a good fit for my suffering.

And, of course, most things didn’t work.

I had a difficult time to trust anything or anyone, but I didn’t trust myself either, so I didn’t actually trust the inner voice that said: wrong way.

I had to get to a point where I could trust myself, or continue to pile up junk in my already crowded life, junk that I wanted, but it didn’t do what it promised to do.
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Who are you? How secure are you in who you are?

dopamine, serotonin, AcetylcholineSummary: Distinctions are windows to reality. They are questions asked as the beam of flashlight shine on reality but pointing out only the parts that answer the questions.

This article will shine a light on the question: how secure are you in who you are? Do you survive the onslaught of energies of the horizontal, the masses, the Facebook stuff, the “friends”, the media, the Dark Side energies… Can you stay who you are while all that is going on? Do you even know who you are?
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