Emotions are like firestorms, they cause incoherence, and are the most manipulated aspects of a human

eft-emotional-guidance-scaleThe best way to examine whether emotions give you a reliable internal guidance system is looking at the flip side of emotions.

In emotional terms, for example, love’s opposite is hate, disgust, being appalled, repelled. But if you look at your emotions, these opposites are right there, right behind the emotion: love… They come together like the front of your hand and the back of your hand. You are in perpetual ambivalence, yoyo-ing back and forth, ups and downs, and incoherence.

Love, the one that vibrates at 525 or so, is not an emotion. Love is a commitment to love.

Love is a commitment to accept another human exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t. Whether they do the right thing, love you back, chew their food with their mouth open, lower back the lid on the toilet, or leave the top off the tooth paste.

Commitment. Not a promise, a commitment.

No ifs, no buts, no conditions.

No action necessary, just acceptance.

No show of love, no giving till it hurts, no nice talk… those are not part of love, they are societal demands.
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To what degree is your life fragmented?

fragmented lifeYour vibration, your creativity, your truth value all depends on your cone of vision… But until you see that you have a narrow cone of vision, that you look at things with narrow cone of vision, or a narrow filter, you won’t want to make it wider.

Wide cone of vision means inclusive… narrow cone of vision is exclusive… exclusive of areas that you KNOW don’t matter, don’t belong, or you don’t like them. Exclusive because you KNOW the answer…

The most exciting insights first show up in the corner of your eyes… Which means they are literally outside of your cone of vision.

One way I see this is how attached you are to one area of life, or one way to do it, or one problem you have.
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How Many Different Ways Does Your Mind Keep You From Hearing What’s Being Said?

How Many Different Ways Do You Know Your Mind Keep You Trapped In A Dead End Loop Of Activity?

I’ve told you about me, finally, awakening that there is a mosquito invasion in every window of my duplex.

So I’ve researched for ways to get rid of the mosquitoes that doesn’t involve chemicals, doesn’t involve flame throwers, and expensive carbon monoxide machines.

One recipe called for brown sugar. I have never bought brown sugar, and I didn’t feel good buying a pound of brown sugar for the mosquitoes… but I remembered that I had some black-strap molasses in my kitchen cabinets. After all brown sugar is not perfectly cleaned sugar… mostly they just mix the white sugar with some molasses… I can do that.

The mosquitoes love the molasses. They buzz above them, and then they go too close and the sticky gooey molasses trap them. They move around but can’t get out.

This reminds me that we could talk about the morass: the mind’s way to keep you trapped in useless servitude so you can’t move forward.

Sound useful? Then let’s get to it.

Ways the morass traps you

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Can you change the world by changing yourself?

The question in the title is as vague as a question can be vague…

But it is still a good question.

If you look at yourself, you, I bet, knew what the question was, even though none of the words are clear, and mean one and specific, discrete thing… at all.

This is one of the reasons your accurate vocabulary measure is so low, in the Starting Point Measurements. You think you know what words mean… and you don’t even suspect that they don’t mean that… 1

OK, I am not going to take the question apart, you can do it in your own time, instead I’ll attempt to make the question clear… accurate… one-meaning.

If you change your inner world, what you honor, what you value and in what order: will that effect the outside world, other people’s behavior, people who aren’t even aware of you?

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The pain of being devalued…

what is the truth about youWe all have a need to fulfill others expectations of us, and also some of us have the need to fulfill our own expectations of ourselves.

Now, what if someone says something about you, or something that you like, find important, says something that conflicts with what you think about yourself, your self-image? Your “I” you consider your Self. (it isn’t… by the way)

Your experience is that you are devalued. 1

The lower your vibration, the more it hurts.

And when someone puts down a thing or a person we have liked, then we feel devalued by association.

This can happen quite frequently if you hang out with me…
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Change… The hardest thing. Why? Do you really want to change? I didn’t think so.

If you wanted to change… if you actually wanted to change… so your life can change too… where would you make the change?

I just had a conversation with one of my students who shows promise to be able to change.

The conversation was about how to behave, what to do when you notice mistakes, mistakes YOU make.

Mistakes are like the fruit on the fruit bearing tree. Symptoms. Show what kind of tree you have…

On a side note: where do I look when I assess who will change and who will not?

I will look at two places:

  • 1. do they argue or offer explanations or excuses when they get feedback from me. Argument, explanations, and excuses are the sign of a foolish person who won’t take feedback, and either won’t change, or will do it to either curry approval from you, or to prove you wrong.
  • 2. An immediate testing tool is the 5-question exercise. If they do it, that is a very good sign that they will be willing to change.

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Metabolic Prime review — can exercise alone make you lose weight?

metabolic-primeOK. I just spent about an hour destroying my vibration…

What I am willing to do for you?!

OK, what the f… happened, right?

Well, easy.

I got an email from Bill Harris of Holosync fame. The email is about a system that promises to activate your youngifying genes… your metabolically active tissues (????) and it takes only 60 minutes a week… short bursts of workout.

I don’t like Bill Harris. I don’t trust Bill Harris. 1Here is Bill’s email…

Here’s something for you if you’re struggling to lose weight, based on some quite interesting new research.

I keep up on the latest information regarding diet, health, and exercise, mainly because…

…I want to stay healthy.
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Your sphere of influence and your vibration: what is the connection?

they sealed their friendship with bloodPeople do all kinds of things to raise their vibration. But one of the most important things they could do, they don’t even think of it.

I had a conversation with a student last night, and finally “diagnosed” why her vibration isn’t changing much in spite of all the calls she comes to.

And then I opened an email 1 this morning… and I knew I must talk to you about this.

In a Landmark Education course, the Wisdom Course, there is a distinction that talks exactly about this. The distinction is called Originating Circle 2

The course leader drove home that concept like this: he said:

“I grew up in New York City.
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Against self criticism and the 4-day weekend

4-day weekendOne of the rarest and most functional capacities is the capacity to allow… without resistance.

Resistance uses a lot of energy, mostly the energy that you need to become successful, to do the right thing, to be well, and to treat people, including yourself, right.

Resistance is normal, but harmful. Just like self-criticism: normal but harmful, with no upside.

Upside is the benefit you gain from a harmful or painful action or experience.

Neither resistance, nor self-criticism, self-judgment have any upside, only downside.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Healing… is that a negative word? Is that a sign of negativity?

negative-positiveDid you know that if you say: I need healing, what you are saying is that you are sick?

This includes inner healing, faith healing, etc…

And when you start from something wrong… like “I am sick”, you are on your way to create a context that is misery every step of the way.

If I needed to define what negativity is, it’s that “what is is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Yesterday I was leading my Theta State training webinar, and I felt horrible. Partially, because I wasn’t feeling well myself. Partially because my students didn’t feel well. And yet partially because one of my students wrote to me, and I needed to feel their feelings stronger than they felt them… because I am an empath.
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