The uncatchable ball… did you just let it slip away?

uncatchable ballWe are definitely dealing with something that feels like an uncatchable ball.

We find something and it turns out not to be THE BALL… and we need to go and find another ball to catch… but instead of being able to catch it, it slips out of our grasp.

Why are we even trying?

Because unless and until we catch it and have it in our grasp, firmly, our lives cannot change, our performance cannot change, we cannot really get to where we love ourselves, love our lives, and live it powerfully.

This uncatchable ball is small, slippery, and evasive.

And we want to catch it… If nothing else, I am tenacious… And so help me god, I’ll catch it. Identify it, if it takes me a hundred articles… I will. For you, and for me.

This article is an attempt to catch it… The next article is already written and will come out later today…
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When a bee stings you, it leaves its stringer in your flesh

I stepped on a bee in the park once and it stung the foot of my sole.

But my mother was so afraid of bees, and they stung her every time she got close to them… Then, for days on end, she could be the center of attention…

This article uses the bee-sting as an analogy… to show how an early incident effects your life… forever. 

The bee sting and the stinger

Do you know when a bee stings you, it leaves its stinger in you? And unless you can dig it out, it is the source of infection, swelling, and much much pain. Continue reading “When a bee stings you, it leaves its stringer in your flesh”

Why changing your circumstances won’t change anything

I woke up with the question: if circumstances changed, would I be happier? Would YOU be happier?

I asked Source, and the answer was a surprising no.

How come, you ask? Isn’t that I am not happy because of things in my life, in the world? things that frustrate me, anger me, drive me crazy?

My health, for example. My neighbors. Workmen that cause almost as much damage as service.

And every question Source answers with a resounding no.

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Yesterday was one of my worst days and one of my best days.

Things were falling apart on me. Both my computers misbehaved, and threatened me with a situation of no computer… not good, not good.

Two partner calls I listened to showed me that half of my students didn’t, don’t get what is supposed to be done in the Playground.

You can only imagine how it felt…

My home page, using the terminology from Transactional Analysis, is devastated… So I felt devastated… as if my life were destroyed.

I have a devastated/discouraged machine

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