We are all at the mercy of cancer… old age, etc. eventually

I want to ‘muse’ about cancer a little bit more… not because it is my or anyone’s favorite topic, but because we are all at the mercy of cancer.

I will only say what I actually KNOW, I am not repeating anything I haven’t seen, experienced, checked with Source.

So this will be a really short article… And I know I am going to make a lot of people angry… So be it…

The question is not what causes cancer… cancer isn’t caused by anything, cancer is ever present in the body. Cancer cells are born all the time.

Cancer isn’t caused by anything

The problem begins when the cancers cells are not removed by the immune system. When your immune system is sluggish, or too busy working on some other issue that you caused, the cancer cells behave like mice when the cat is busy. Proliferate. Continue reading “We are all at the mercy of cancer… old age, etc. eventually”