Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip

make your plane go where you want it to goI have been ‘harping’ on this principle with my students: hear the principle first, and then hear the rest…

Imagine that you are Cinderella… on the night of the big ball.

If I asked you (Cinderella) to separate the wheat from the chaff… what would you do first? If you are like me, you first find out what is the difference… in looks, in weight, and then start separating them accordingly.

I even used to use this capacity (oops, forgot to say, it’s a capacity!) to hire or not hire someone to work with me. I would ask someone to separate a pile of things by their category…

For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always

Universally missing capacity… I found out.  The underlying capacity can be said with these words: be able to tell the forest for the trees. Continue reading “Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip”