Vibrational Review: Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa – a fake?

Indian “guru” living in India. Lives in a palace in exquisite riches, if the Indian TV can be trusted about things like this.

Personal vibration: 170
Other vibrational details: lives in her mind, identifies herself with the mind 70% of the time… (ideal is 10% or less)
Dominant feeling (she is sleeping as I am doing this review): guilt and shame Indication that she considers herself a fake, an exploiter of human misery.

When in satsang (no speaking just her presence) her most dominant desires are to be pretty and nice.

Being in the presence of a person who is in the present, out of their mind, is elevating the non-elevated, but being in the presence of this person, will do nothing for you.

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