Want more, better, different than what you have?

Want more, better, different than what you have? Here is my contribution to the “manifesting” craze

It seems that people live with a desire way bigger than their skills, their opportunities, their earning capacity, their level of focus, their will power would fulfill.

Desire for stuff, desire for recognition, desire for opulence, status, love, travel, all known to cost you… but who wants to pay? right?

So methods of magic justified with “science” have been popping up.

They say: create with your mind
They say: manifest
They say focus on what you want
They say: want it really really really
They say: place your order to the Universe
They say raise your vibration so what you want will come to you.

So let’s look at this last one, because this falls into our expertise: we raise people’s vibration here… we raise people’s consciousness. Continue reading “Want more, better, different than what you have?”

Manifestation… what is it really? What can you manifest?

I got an email from a student of mine this morning.

He was sick, lying in bed all day, listening to the Money Workshop he could not come to.

I think he got the workshop better than the people who were participating in it.

He got that the secret to create your life is in being able to say, like the seasoned umpire: “It ain’t nothing till I call it”

The participants were too busy looking at their life… that looking rendered them, at best, a journeyman umpire, who says: I call it the way I see it. But if you scratch the surface, if you watch them act or not act, they honor the situation as something real, something solid, something physical: so they are really a rookie umpire: “I call it the way it IS” Continue reading “Manifestation… what is it really? What can you manifest?”