My my… my teacher’s predictions are coming true.

He has warned me, (not personally) that the big four, or however many they are, are eventually going to ban me, google, facebook, banking and email next…

Amazon didn’t ban me, it banned my products.

But recently I was booted off Facebook, and now, every email address that is connected to me and my business is refusing to forward the emails to my desktop… making it very cumbersome to do business.

My teacher and I match 70%. I didn’t say ‘fit’. I said ‘match’ or we are in essence the same or so similar, you can’t tell which one of us is speaking. Not necessarily the content… he would be mortified if what I say came out of HIS mouth… lol… and I would lose all my students and clients if what he says came out of my mouth.

We are similar in our how.

Most people I know are very dissimilar with me. To me? grammar anyone?

Last night I watched a sales presentation with famed guru Mark Joyner . In fact I stayed up past my bedtime. Continue reading “My my… my teacher’s predictions are coming true.”

Something historic may happen today that will likely go unnoticed in the news

Something historic may happen today and it probably will go unnoticed in the news. It’s something every man, woman, and child in the world should know about.

Before this event can make sense to you, there is a crucial bit of history you must first know …

July 16, marks the 40th Anniversary of the day man first stepped foot on the Moon.

It was indeed “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

But there is a bit of sadness in this event, isn’t there?

No, I’m not about to go on some conspiracy rant. What I’m referring to is far more “common” but infinitely more important.

You see, each and every day people walk around as if nothing is possible. 1

  • If only I could pay off all these bills my life would be so much better …”
  • If only I could quit this job …”
  • If only I could get people to do as I say …”
  • If only I could get out of this marriage …”
  • If only I could only choose what to do with my life…”

What’s your “if only?” Continue reading “Something historic may happen today that will likely go unnoticed in the news”