Are you a Frank or a Matt?

Frank vs Matt is a concept I came up with to help demonstrate the two camps or categories (or models) that us marketers operate within.

Although Frank and Matt are not real “flesh and blood” people per se — their traits are absolutely real and based on real people.

You’re currently one of them.

Which one? … well, you’ll need to read and discover that.

But know this … one of them makes no money online (nothing meaningful anyway). The other one crushes it.
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Success secret: experimentation

If you find that your life, your oceanliner that is stuck in a tight bay isn’t turning around, this article will teach you something that the knowing of can make a difference.

Remember, when life isn’t working as you expected, there is something that you didn’t know… and it is always in the invisible realm of reality… And so is with this one.

As I said before, ess, evolutionary stable strategy, is where humanity finds itself, where you personally find yourself, and when you muscle test anything, it is ess, aka the selfish gene is what answers your question… unless you muscletest while connected to a higher-than-the-genes consciousness.

OK, that was quite a mouthful. Sorry about that…

Wherever you are in life, in any area of your life, you are in ess. In ess your actions, your ideas, your advisement will come from a “source” that wants to maintain that ess… If you are fat… then maintain being fat. If you are inactive, then maintain inactivity. If you are always engaging in bombastic dreams, then maintain that… engaging in bombastic dreams.

If you act in life like you already know what you need to know, then ess wants to maintain that. If you read, then maintain reading, if you don’t, then maintain not reading. Continue reading “Success secret: experimentation”

The more popular something is, the more likely that it is low vibration, and not true.

Why? Because the majority is always wrong.

In most cases majority/minority is an extreme proportional inequality: 98-99% to 1~2%

The other extreme is: 90% to 10%, meaning: the “good, productive, true” is never higher than 10%.

There was an Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923) who noticed this pattern: that the distribution of income, brain, etc. is not even, not equal, but grossly unequal.

They call this the Pareto’s Principle or the 80-20 principle, but if you are a stickler for precision, like I am, you will know that my numbers are closer to how it is than 80-20. Continue reading “The more popular something is, the more likely that it is low vibration, and not true.”