Is Being Skeptical a good thing?

I don't believe a word you say! I am skepticalBeing skeptical is a fixed way of being in the world, an attitude. Skeptical is the other side of belief.

On the surface it looks like it’s a good thing, after all belief is suspending your own thinking capacities, and taking blindly what someone gives up. So the opposite must be good, right? Wrong.
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Emotional Healing… Emotions and Vibration

Emotional-HealingThis morning I was browsing the internet for sites that deal with the vibration of emotions.

I found a few, and dug deeper on one.

The website I found had a really good, high vibration piece of content, that I even felt worthy to put into a pdf, so it is easier to read on your mobile device. And if I am lucky, I can have the computer read it into an mp3, so you can drive while you listen.

The vibration of the document, which means its truth value is 600.

The person’s vibration is 170.

WTF, right?
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