Let’s build a high vibration person

Let’s build a high vibration person… let’s build a skill, let’s build some skills

I am starting a new series that also shows a new direction I am taking my teaching/coaching practice.

The new direction is skill-building.

Obviously, if you are like most people, you have no idea what a skill is. You may say some inane things, but you still don’t know. Even if you read the “what color is your parachute” famous book that has been published and every year for 48 years, with over ten million copies sold.

I have taught it. I have lead the workshop. And I can safely tell you that in all those years, there wasn’t one person who learned from me, or from the book what a skill really is, and then develop skills that would take them far on the job market.

Why? Because skill is part of the invisible world.

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