Emotional Intelligence: When you suppress half of reality, you need to suppress all of it…

emotional intelligenceI spent two hours on technical support this morning. My emails are not delivered… and that is a big problem in a business…

The lovely support person, Claire, was knowledgeable, but here anxiety was so strong, I got dizzy from it.

Even though I don’t know her from Adam, I took it on myself to coach her… I felt that she was anxious because it takes time to do what she does, and she had to make me wait here and there.

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Returning to the fork in the road where you took a wrong turn

If you find yourself on the wrong road… trace your way back to where you went astray… and choose a different road.

Why? Because trying to go across to where you really wanted to go, without going back,  is fraught with death traps.

Humanity, some seven thousand years ago, took a wrong turn. In just a few words: they started to replace reality with word pictures in the mind. Concepts.

This took us to where we are now: not a pretty place. Any and every human is afflicted: no one is exempt.

An “avatar’s” job is to take you backwards so you can find your way from there… They have to have earned the right… by going back personally, backtracking themselves.

Most teachers try to cut across… oh the Buddhist, oh the Zen, oh the blah blah… they must know what they are talking about… b.s.

Maybe they know, maybe they don’t. But you haven’t done the journey back, so you are a second-hander at best, so shut the f… up!
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What should you work on to raise your vibration?

bach flower remedy bottlesYour Bach Profile… a tool for abundance

The first question everyone who actually wants to grow, raise their vibration, and stop being sick, dumb, and poor asks: so what do I do first?

Of course this is a good question… but until this week I really didn’t have a reliable answer. I didn’t have a good answer. I actually didn’t know…

But this week this is opening up, and I have been able to see some answers.

Of course when I have a chance to spend an hour or two with you, I rarely have a problem… but I rarely spend an hour or two with a complete beginner, unless they need a health consultation.

But my newly re-discovered tool, the Bach Profile is proving to be invaluable.
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Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

Instead of trying to change life, Become a match to life

I can feel the wind, but I am not the wind. I can hear the voices and I am not the voices.

The above is a quote from one of my students who has raised his vibration, even though his soul correction is one of the difficult five.

Thinking that the voices are significant, engaging with the voices makes us schizophrenic, as if we were many people.

Thoughts, voices, are like the wind. If you start to listening to the wind as if it talked to you, you go crazy. The wind takes over your life, starts running your life, and you go crazy.

The wind whispers, the wind sings. It has nothing to do with you. And so is with all the thoughts.

Hoping for a silent mind is like hoping that everything is given to you without you having to do anything. Really.

Wanting life to be different than it is.

No one can promise you an easy life. No such thing.

The only authentic promise anyone can make is make you a match to life.
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But what about fear? What shall I do if I am afraid?

Alexander the Great supposedly said:

Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them.

Now, looking at it from the viewpoint of the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset you can see that the fixed mindset provides a barrier that promises you to keep you safe.

In the fixed mindset nothing is supposed to change: if you are great you’ll be celebrated, if you are stupid… well, the stupid should die… this was MY life principle for many decades… even if the stupid was me. Continue reading “But what about fear? What shall I do if I am afraid?”

Why do you have uncomfortable feelings? The answer will surprise you…

Meeting others’ expectation of you: the need and the controversy: how it has lead you to be the way you are

This is a very important article. If you just read one article, this is it. Without getting this, what I am showing here, you can’t and won’t be able to fulfill your destiny as a human.

This morning I looked up the expression “eager beaver” in Hungarian. And cried again. This time without tears. This time, not for myself. This time for humanity. This article is what you can get when you cry with your eyes open…

To belong to the cool guys, you needed to, at least, pretend, that work, school work, reading, learning, achieving are not important to you.

It is pretending that you don’t care.

The cool guys are losers. In life. But they look good.

Being eager in response to an inner or outer need, is considered uncool.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Just asking the question… What is it I don’t know? What is it I don’t see? will guide you

Preamble: You can follow me down the rabbit hole. You can do it… The only question is: will you think it worth your while?

I know I have said it before, lots of times, but I will say it again, but slightly differently this time. So bear with me: the reward will be unbelievable!

When something isn’t working, there is something you don’t know.

Said in another way:

When something isn’t working (the way you expected it to work), you can be sure that there is something you don’t know or can’t see.

Now, when you hear this sentence, you will never think about your mindset. You’ll never think that your thinking is wrong. That your life philosophy is wrong. Continue reading “Just asking the question… What is it I don’t know? What is it I don’t see? will guide you”

You don’t have to deserve something to be deserving

agnosticLet me ask you something: do you have to deserve a body? Did you have to deserve to be able to read?

No. Deserving is much more basic, and much more profound than that kind of deserving, which would equate the word with earning.

Earning is a mercantile world’s word: it measures your work, or your merchandise against the asking price… earning.

But deserving is different, regardless how crazy that word drove me when I was a kid. My kid brother whining that he deserved whatever he was whining about.

I didn’t think I deserved anything, so he asserting that he deserved whatever, emphasized for me that I didn’t. He said he did, and I said I didn’t. It bothered me. A lot.

People around you will tell you what you deserve, but they are lying. They are playing god… Deserving comes with Life.
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Are you a match to life? If not: Allowing is missing.

whatever you don't allow is what will continueIt’s even obvious to you that allowing is missing… But how do you activate the capacity of allowing, and then how do you make the capacity a working skill?

Allowing is what’s between you and serenity. I don’t mean happiness, because happiness has its roller coaster nature: happiness has unhappiness as its shadow. You can only get happiness if you are willing to have unhappiness.

Allowing is letting it be. And although you may feel the urge to change it, fix it, kill it, hide it, hide from it, allowing is authentically allowing something to be, and gain your own beingness.

Without allowing you have no access to beingness.

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You live in a machine and you feed the machine, unwittingly

are you fighting your machine?Every single human (and to a certain degree lots of animals) has automatic ways of being, that could be called a machine, because their behavior is predictable, it is machine-like. Push a button and outcomes the same result, every time.

Every person I know is, more or less, an emotional wreck… a thinly disguised heap of upsets, fears, anxieties, and other very unpleasant feelings. As an empath I see the disguise and feel the truth.

The gap between what you’d like to be, calm, collected, smart, graceful, close, intimate, effective, important, creative, productive, etc. and the reality, the truth: you are bogged down by bad feelings, bad thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fears… stuck, stuck, stuck. In survival mode alternating with sudden bursts of inspiration, hope, etc.

The people who visit this site can be divided to two distinct groups:
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