Let’s look at your life as a business, shall we?

One of the most impactful 10-week seminars I ever did with Landmark Education asked the participants to look at their lives as a business. Me, Inc.

At that point in my life I was better, much better at business than at life… and maybe, if you look closely, I still am.

I am going to ask you the same thing Landmark asked us: consider your life a business. If you are suddenly experiencing an oh oh moment, or an ugh moment, you are not alone.

Almost everyone I know is guilty of misusing their assets, wasting them, and not paying any attention at the bottom line… so this will be a useful article, if you can just get over yourself, and get curious… and into learning mode.

Ready? No? Then come back later…

‘Your business is kind of like sex. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re probably not doing it right.’ ~ Bill Maher

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