How to measure human vibrational frequency? Can your vibration be high and your consciousness low?

scale-of-consciousnessHow to measure human vibrational frequency? How to measure your vibration?

From time to time I regret having gotten myself into bad company, the company of people who teach people to raise their vibration, raise their vibrational frequency.

Why? Because all of them lie, all of them have low vibration, low consciousness, and because people are clueless, they are easy to be abused by these charlatans.

Let’s look at them, one by one.

Vibrational frequency: what does it mean, how do you raise it, how do you measure it, and why?

tesla-energy-frequency-vibrationVibrational frequency: is it really frequency? Is it really vibration?

I don’t know who invented the idea that there is such a thing “vibrational frequency”, and it is a good idea if it is high.

I know, I know, even my site’s address says… but between you and me, the idea that you should have a different actual vibration, is horse shit.

A human should be human.

What has, maybe, high vibration is beingness… and there are at least 160 beingness-es, sorry, I know it is bad English. 1

Landmark Education calls these “Possible ways of being”. but Landmark includes in possible ways of being some real nasty ways of being, so we are not exactly talking about the same thing.

But we could safely say: there are 160 higher minded ways of being… higher vibration ways of being… more spiritual, more caring, more effective ways of being.
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