Self-expression: what is the Self you are expressing? Updated

comfort-zone-paulo-zerbatoPeople throw around the words: self-expression, but I have never found a person who knows what it means… and if it means what THEY mean.

Most people look how you express yourself not what it is you express…

Meaning: I am letting my hair down… I am loud and obnoxious, I am funny, I am demanding… these are all how expressions.

This article is about “what” not “how”…

What is the Self you express with everything… your life, your job, your relationships, with your music, poetry, and your life.

There are two selves, and the reason life doesn’t work for most of us is because the two selves are not connected in any way.

  • Self 1: your genes, your desire to survive and procreate.
  • Self 2: your human desire to be higher than just your genes… to live your higher self.

Self in the expression of the higher self, is the evolved self. The self Shakespeare means: To thine own self be true.
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Updated: Pleasure seeking behavior… the avoiding pain behavior… The face the tiger workshop

white-tigerThere are two kinds of pleasure.

  1. Pleasure that is immediate, impulsive, and requires no or little sustained effort and
  2. Pleasure that is the result of work… sustained effort.

No matter what pleasure you seek, what makes it pleasure is the contrast:

there needs to be pain for pleasure to exist. 1

Although I could write about pleasure that you earn through hard and sustained work, and I have written hundreds of articles about it, people with too small capacity for pain (TLB) rarely turn around and become people who want to earn their pleasure.

illo-brainSo in this article I’ll address the pleasure seeking behavior of people, you? whose pain threshold is very low.

Pain is a discomfort. Most pain is emotional or intellectual, only some are physical.
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How to grow some balls… at least seemingly

grow-some-balls-2As I have mentioned, I have signed up to an expensive course that teaches a marketing method to pick the right people that are a good match for what I am attempting to do: take a group of people to the level of human being, the next evolutionary level for the species.

Signing up opened a can of worms.

Several daily emails, and a slew of offers, all beyond my need, all beyond my budget.

Today, a week into this campaign, the fifteenth video, the offer is 20 thousand dollars… and I am ready to throw in the towel.

It is like being in a restaurant,
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Vibrational reviews: how other people do it

ammagod(Bashar,Ramtha,Ashtar Command,Sananda,Neale Donald Walsh,Wayne Dyer,Amma, Sylvia Browne, Sathya Sai Baba, Osho)

OK, I was browsing for other people’s reviews, and found this. It’s pretty good… I will add my vibrational review to it, probably in a different color for you to see what I say and what “she” said… She is the author of this post… Lady Miss Neptune, from NYC, I think.

10 Questionable Gurus and Impostor Entities

There is a stench in the spiritual community becoming more and more apparent as time passes. This stench is coming from the famous and influential names in the community. Those who in recent years have created much fuss over nothing. Those whose teachings are false, deceptive, empty, mundane, regurgitated, and only serve to maintain the status quo, all the while deluding followers into believing they are worshipping a most high-caliber being or following an ultimate form of teaching.

A most important virtue to cultivate is discernment, as we embark on our journeys and pursue our spiritual goals. Discernment is key when it comes to raising our consciousness and making any kind of progress on the spiritual path. Without discernment, finding the presence of falsehood in a teaching of a guru and therefore attaching ourselves to a false guru we encounter can set us back for lifetimes.
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How do I make my life move? What is the trick? How do you beat your projective mind

beat-the-mindIt’s 10 o’clock, and I just reached the predictable state of “why did I do it?”

At 11 o’clock I have a webinar scheduled to meet and greet, and test the Emotional Shock Absorber energy.

I don’t want to talk about the energy, I want to talk about, instead, the phenomenon of the mind projecting into the future and thus stopping us or making us rush, depending on the memory or our personality.

I don’t date because I have a long string of memories where I didn’t have fun. I am sure I had fun dates, but my mind keeps those from me.

I remember telling everyone that I never had fun, and yet lots of people know me as a fun and funny person, always laughing. That is not how I know myself.
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The secret method to instantly change life

Be-the-change-you-want-to-seeContext is like meaning… it is not part of what it is referring to, it is added to it, by a human. And if it is added, then you have a lot of freedom about it: if you can see, that is.

Most people can’t see the forest for the trees… so if you are like that, you won’t see context, until you look deeper. Beyond the obvious. Beyond your automatic. Beyond your machine-like, conditioned, pre-determined ways.

Why context is decisive, and what it decides if it is so decisive

I have been repeating and repeating this idea, that context is decisive. Finally, yesterday, I managed to get it through, or so it seemed, on the Playground.

Context is the hidden part of everything, the hidden agenda. Everyone has hidden agendas, some more than others, some time more than other times.
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