What is high vibration, really?


What is high vibration? It’s possible that all you do to raise your vibration is plain wrong and actually lowers your vibration.

I got this email this morning:

Hello Sophie,
I have read some of Your reviews. I thought raising vibrations meant inner transformation, less ego and more kindness. Sorry, but to me Your Message does not seem truthful. I do not think it is Your intention, but I have to quit.
Regards from K

A lot of visitors have the same opinion: higher vibration means more kindness…

Now, where is this coming from? If you watched the movie (on my subscribers’ site) Babette’s Feast, you saw that the Christian sect in that movie taught kindness and love… but it was not there for anyone.
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What to do with what you don’t want, don’t like, don’t agree with?

lying to yourself is not allowing yourself to be who you are

Do you get hooked? People pushing your buttons?

Ultimately, every time you encounter something you don’t want, don’t like, don’t agree with, your first reaction is resistance, i.e. not allowing what you don’t like to be.

When you pretend to be different than you are, you are denying who you are… forceful. You don’t allow yourself to be.

Now, what you do in the next moment will decide the rest of your life. Because every moment is the foundation of the next moment. Every moment is a new beginning, and the rest of your life is sitting on moments when you either resist or allow.

I push people’s buttons with regularity. I talk about their favorite guru, I measure their vibration that is vastly different from what they fancy themselves to be. I refuse to “help” them.
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Are you a match to life? If not: Allowing is missing.

whatever you don't allow is what will continueIt’s even obvious to you that allowing is missing… But how do you activate the capacity of allowing, and then how do you make the capacity a working skill?

Allowing is what’s between you and serenity. I don’t mean happiness, because happiness has its roller coaster nature: happiness has unhappiness as its shadow. You can only get happiness if you are willing to have unhappiness.

Allowing is letting it be. And although you may feel the urge to change it, fix it, kill it, hide it, hide from it, allowing is authentically allowing something to be, and gain your own beingness.

Without allowing you have no access to beingness.

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The “you can do anything” myth… or what is the source of your anxiety

toda;y is the day when I finally do the impossibleThe anxiety attacks you experience

There are two types of anxiety attacks, as far as I can see:

  1. Dark Side attack. It is an energy that is broadcasted from up North. It is “in the air” and it only waits for you to notice.Then your reaction to it makes it more real, and also last longer than the energy duration would make it justifiable.I have written about this a lot.
  2. Your unrealistic expectations of yourself

If I wanted to design a system for unhappiness

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Positive belief myths

positive beliefsIt is in the unsaid, it is the obvious that doesn’t need to be said, that dominant beliefs that keep us poor, miserable and sick are beliefs that are negative, about ourselves, or about money.

In my work with people, especially pulling the “therefore” of the dominant belief, and pulling the anchor to their doom, I find that about 50% of people have a dominant belief that is a “positive” belief.

Men have it more than women, by my experience.
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Mites, especially spider mites (Morgellons), act much smarter than most humans.

What do most humans do when they are attacked? They sulk, argue, weep, yell, think about it, threaten, that’s what they do.

What do human mites do when they are attacked? They regroup. They get smarter. They do more of what works, and beat the attacker at their own game, by being stronger, smarter, and more capable, by counting on the human’s emotions to come in the way, on them sleepwalking or falling asleep at the wheel of their life.

Do you recognize yourself reacting like a human or reacting like a mite?

Mites have been around for much longer than humans, and will be around much longer than humans, because mites love Life, instead of thinking Life owes them a living, happiness, health, etc.

I am not saying mites don’t get angry, or huffy puffy for the injustices they receive.

They get angry, they may huff and puff, but then they say f… it, and get to work… doing what they need to do to have what they want.Life wants more life… And for mites that means more babies. Spider mites are actually sacrificing themselves for their offspring.

Humans, on the other hand,
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Am I a freak of nature or a fraud… You decide…

21I just watched a documentary on youtube. It is in the footnotes of this article… 1

It’s about a savant who accidentally has social skills and maybe all around intelligence. Most savants are autistic with no social skills, and no real ability to give scientists insight into their brain through the spoken word. Daniel, the math/memory savant therefore is unique.

I watched it for one reason: I am called an empath, but I am not an “ordinary” empath. The ability to feel another person, accurately, makes me a savant, some freak of nature.
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Timing Is Everything: when should you get the Unconditional Love Activator and why?

timing is everything How things work: when should you get the Unconditional Love Activator and why?

When you first get your Unconditional Love Activator, the results will vary.

Why is that? Why isn’t an activator doing the same thing for everybody?

The answer is not as simple as you would like it to be.
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