What tools can get you unstuck? Try distinctions

In case you’re stuck – distinctions can come to rescue you, to liberate you, to save the day, save your sanity, save your money, save your life.

You can get stuck, seemingly, in many different ways. You get stuck and things remain the same, your past, your opinions, your truth, your reality… meaning: your occurrence.

Occurrence is a combination of what happens, what truly IS, observable by others, even a Martian, plus your commentary, your meaning, your interpretation.

My Playground program is about taking you from that stuck view of your life, your world, to being able to see what is actually real in your view, and what isn’t. Continue reading “What tools can get you unstuck? Try distinctions”

Got New Years Resolutions?

new years resolutionsWhen you can’t seem to attain your new years resolutions…

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail 1

I have a better “hammer” for you: it has worked for my multi-millionaire mentor, it will work for you. 2

What to do when all you know fails you? When the hammers don’t work, and you can’t seem to attain your goals?

I was on a radio show today. I was the “minor” guest, and as such, I did not prepare: I wanted to stay present to the conversation the “major” guest had with the radio host, so I can add my 2 cents worth, instead of taking the show to a different place. Continue reading “Got New Years Resolutions?”