Do you feel that no one listens, and your contribution is not valued? This solves that…

not-ListenI found this article in my inbox. I think it is perfect for what I teach… So let’s see how it applies… The article is about hypnosis secrets: a way to manipulate others through hypnotic language… I don’t recommend it. The more you use it the less integrity you’ll have.

On the other hand, there is a non-manipulative way you can produce the same results, if what you have to say is good… If what you have to say is crap… even g-o-d can’t help you.

OK, here is the article… I drive it home at the end.

Take this test:

Count up all the people you spoke to (or emailed or messaged) over the last week.

The people at work.

At home.

And the people you spoke to as you went about your day.

You probably won’t be able to remember the exact number.

That’s okay – just guess.

Let’s say it was 20 people.

Now, here’s something to digest:

The responses you got from those 20 people (or however many it was) determined the options and opportunities available to you from last week forward.

If 18 out of those 20 people shot down your ideas or ignored your requests — your options and opportunities will be…


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How to enter growth mode the easy way?

yummy sinful sundae

In life you are either growing or you are shrinking. You are either moving or you are stuck.

When you grow, you feel wonderful, When you shrink, you feel horrible…

This article is about a method to to cause your own growth in a gentle easy way, little by little.

Below is my horoscope for the week.

In this article I will show you some thinking, constructive thinking moves that you could start practicing, so you can become closer to being a Human Being than you are now… mostly just having thoughts, automatic thoughts that drive you crazy, drive you to hiding, drive you to insomnia, drive you to drinking, eating, surfing, Facebook, and other activities that don’t serve you.

Here is the horoscope:
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