A reader writes: an amazing insight about praising

i-am-a-disappointmentSometimes a student can say it better than I will ever be able to say…

A lot of you will resonate with this.

If you don’t… that is a sign of an inner desert…

I resonated with it, it expressed me wholly, fully… even though I may be 60% past it. But 40% is still there…

I will put my comments, hopefully, in boxes, near where what I am commenting about. It’s rich and there is a lot to be said.

Enjoy. But most importantly, map what he says to yourself. When you can see yourself in this light, you can start to include it, embrace it, so you can grow.

Hi Sophie

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What do attachments do to you?

i-fart-in-your-general-directionThe type of energetic attachments, put on you by witches and healers and sorcerers, I have, so far, distinguished (There are more, but I haven’t seen my way clearly around them. I can remove these attachments, but no distinctions yet…)

    1. Random, shooting in the dark attachment…

      a less skillful “healer”, shooting a dart in your general direction. It’s much like a flash wound… it hurts, it bothers you, but it doesn’t go deep.
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Are your friends under mind control? you?


Today’s article is for people that are able and willing to think. Readers. Learners. People able to hold a thought. If you are 90% of my visitors: leave now. Please.

We are under mind-controlling influences, most of the time. If you want to have a life not directed by the mind control influences, this article is a must to understand what they do and how they do it.

I also point you to the direction how to use this as your opportunity to become and Expanding Human Being.
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Takeover of the planet through taking over your mind

gibberThe general public, including writers, can’t fathom anything less crude for mind-control than the affirmations in the Brave New World, or the microchip in Interface. A little bit more subtle is the method in Snow Crash, but not much.

The general public, including writers, cannot perceive, cannot conceive, cannot believe in the idea that mind-control is much more subtle, and it is going on all the time.

Or maybe how it is done in reality would not sell books? That is possible too.

Who is controlling your mind and to what end? What do they want that they are doing it… and they have been doing it for about seven thousand years… maybe even more.
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Why do some people get fantastic results from the activators or the remedies and others get nothing or not much?

the monsters lurking in the deep sea of your beingMaxwell Maltz, the creator of the program and methodology Psycho Cybernetics, was a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery, as a rule, is to make someone more beautiful.

Many of his patients, though, didn’t get what they hoped for. Everyone said that they were beautiful, but they could not see their new you, only the ugly that they wanted to get rid of.

We could say that they had a filter that allowed only the imperfections through. I think that this “theory” is more accurate than Maxwell Maltz’s theory of self-image.
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The desire to lord over others vs. the desire to lord over oneself. Updated

The biggest problem with humanity is the unwillingness to face the truth, face darkness, and that is the cause of humanity’s descent to darkness. False security, unsuspecting, childlike, sheep.

I am not a time traveler, so I can only use my faculties to know, to recognize, to think logically, to compare… to intuit the truth about the past and therefore the present.

My finding is that humans, whatever DNA group they belong to, would never have evolved to the peak of consciousness in the Universe, if they didn’t always have that tiny little bit of inner light setting them right in the last moment.

Through ages of slaughter, and hunger, and misery, and hope and dividedness, somehow they always found a way to survive and to grow.

According to findings, my fantasies (I call them fantasies because I have no proof positive that it actually happened, though a lot of facts point in the same direction) humanity has had four previous generations that were born, grew, and annihilated themselves or got annihilated.

We are generation five.
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