So I am reading ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’

lost-bewildered-confused-unclearThe package, big like a tomb stone, arrived this week. I wish they had it on Kindle… but I guess they want to control every step of the sales process. Hm. Interesting. It tells me everything I ever wanted to know about Andy and his team… NOT customer centric. All about themselves. All about money.

Andy’s vibration is 130… even thought the truth value of the book is 10%.

The package is two books, both big and thick. The first: Creating a bug free mind, and the second: using a bug free mind. Ultimately the idea of this two step process that made me use Andy Shaw’s book as an experiment: everyone stops at teaching, no one seems to continue into the troubles of actually teaching you how to use, and guiding you in using what they taught. 1
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Vibrational Review: Geniuxole System

what is your real iq?Geniuxole System

People are looking for ways to become smarter. And you should… I mean you should become smarter.

There is one major issue and that is: where do you think smarts lives?

We have spoken of this before, but let me repeat it for those that are new:

Human beings have two major dimensions. If I wanted to draw it, I would draw a cross.

The horizontal line is your periphery, the world, the hubbub of daily happenings, the weather… other people.
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Second Phase: How Bilocation Saved My Life


One of the new capacities this first phase activation will give you is the capacity to bilocate.

Does bilocation mean that your body and full consciousness will be at two places? No.

Here is what it means:

In your visualizations (necessary for any kind of manifestation, in psycho-cybernetics’ theater of your mind exercises, in every communication with Source) you will be able to push your energy to a different place than where you are, animate it, and be able to view it through your regular eyes and consciousness. Continue reading “Second Phase: How Bilocation Saved My Life”