The Pebble In Your Shoe… Or How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Many people tell me that I should not give it all away in articles, after all who is going to buy my stuff if I give away all the knowledge.

But the truth is, all the MIND knowledge we can ever have will never help us to live a better life, to be healthier, etc. Doctors are an unhealthy bunch, psychologists / psychiatrist are a wimpy bunch, energy healers come to me for healing…

Why? because the mind considers knowing, i.e. information sufficient… and …

As long as we identify yourself with the mind, we consider information/insight sufficient as well… But in life it isn’t sufficient… not by far.

Just look at weight: we all know what we should be doing, and we have known it for ever. We read, we learn… and yet the number of obese people is growing by the minute. Or worse than that, people losing and regaining the weight, hating themselves, and are totally POWERLESS… and they don’t know what they can do to become POWERFUL.

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Should you become a client? Would I even accept you as a client?

For decades one of my sore spots was that people refused to serve me, even though I paid them.

I remember saying to myself: my money is not good enough for you? and wept.

I had no idea how I “accomplished” that… in 20/20 hindsight it is still a little spotty.

What wasn’t clear to me, never even occurred to me, how my attitude effected the service provider. My “To what degree you think of yourself:” starting point measure was, at the time, 70%. From my behavior I would have guessed it was higher.

Mainly I overrode what they said. I argued, I knew better, I acted with contempt…

What I didn’t know then is that being a service provider needs to be a win, or no service.

A customer who is not happy is a drag on an provider, and not worth the little (or even a lot of) money they pay.

I was that kind of customer…
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Forget superbugs… worry about supermemes!

We live in a culture where we are supposed to live at others’ convenience. Where we are all supposed to dance to the same tune, march to the same drummer. Get excited about the weekend, even more excited about holidays. Want to be with our families, eat a big meal, and complain about indigestion afterwards.

Thanksgiving is a great example. The holiday preparation has taken over everything already a week ago. Everything. You drop life, you drop your projects and like a good soldier, you do the thing that is expected of you, talk about the holiday, think about the holiday, shopping, cleaning the house, inviting people or being invited… Nobody home. Just a machine. Continue reading “Forget superbugs… worry about supermemes!”

How do you catch what you can’t see? How do you change into someone who can?

Last night I spent a few hours (3, to be exact.) listening to Jim Rohn, famed self-development coach. Funny, entertaining, brilliant.

He said all the right words. He made sense to a lot of people.

But I bet if we scratch the numbers, he made just as little results as everyone who is trying to cause individual human evolution.

I’ll tell you in a little bit why… but first let me tell you what he says: Continue reading “How do you catch what you can’t see? How do you change into someone who can?”

Can you change? Will you be able to change, even if you never could?

This article is a stream of consciousness… Beware, it is like poetry… you have to feel it, you can’t explain it.

Cultural memes, media bias, tell us that change is fast and dramatic.

So when you consider your own change, that is what you are planning for, or that is what you resist.Even if not changing means staying at a place where you don’t enjoy being. But of the two bad things: dramatic change or staying miserable, staying miserable is still more attractive, because at least you know that place.

But cultural memes, media bias, are lies.

Actually, all memes are lies. It was, maybe, someone’s truth, but it is not THE TRUTH.

Only physical laws are THE TRUTH… Continue reading “Can you change? Will you be able to change, even if you never could?”

Your life story is like a black hole. Your Bach Flower profile shows how…

resistance is futile against the black holeYour tendency is to remember the story. Not what happened but your story. And to tell the story in a predictable manner… always the same way, always showing you in the same role, the same exact way.

A story is a narrative of reality. It talks from one particular vantage point, and therefore it is distorted. Always. Inherently so.

Your tendency is to remember the story in a way that agrees with your soul correction.

Soul correction, it could be said, is this slant of reality that lets you get away with murder, lies, laziness, blaming, simply said: being less than giving your best.

My story can be summed up with three elements: a hero succeeding in the face of incredible odds, and also complaining: “no matter what I do… I can’t this or that”. And the third: I don’t know if I can trust myself.

Almost succeeding, but never doing things long enough, hard enough, to actually succeed. Why? Because it would kill the story.

Also, I need enemies. I need disease. I need bugs… to fight heroically and almost succeed.
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How to grow in spite of the ego


Why do I demand that if you want to be my student, you buy and do, religiously, attentively, seriously, the 67 steps by Tai Lopez?

It’s Tuesday, so it was my doing my errands day.

At the grocery store, at the self checkout, there was a new attendant, who looked like a foreigner. I asked where she was from. She was from Albania. We got into a conversation. She’s been here for 16 years, and she is full of complaint.

I suggested that she could apply herself more, get skills, computer, better english. She was arguing every step of the way. Turns out that she doesn’t have time for any of that because she spends most of her time in her garden.

Suddenly clear of who she was, I recommended that she stops complaining.
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I watched a 12-episode series on Netflix, called Sense8

Sense8-logoIt’s not a really good movie, although you do get pulled in and start to care about the eight heroes.

It’s about a branch of humanity that has activated a part of their chromosome, that makes them different, inwardly. That makes them more capable.

And they are a threat to the rest of humanity… because the rest of humanity wants to stay the same.

So they hunt them, and work to eliminate them.
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Do I want, do I need your gratitude? Do I have Unrequited love?

unrequited-love-dogSurprise: I don’t need your gratitude. I don’t want your gratitude. I know what works, and I can find out if it worked for you without ever having to ask you. That’s what you can do with empathy.

So why do I encourage you to share? So others can hear that it works? Like a testimonial?

No, neither, but that’s a good idea, maybe I’ll use them as a testimonial!

So why then do I encourage you to share publicly?
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Tiptoeing… treading lightly vs not rocking the boat or making waves

1790I am a wave makerI am a boat-rocker, a wave maker… I get banged up a lot, and I don’t even notice it. It is my nature to be bold and speak openly what I see is amiss.

And in other situations I tiptoe… I tread lightly… quite out of character, wouldn’t you say?

I watch you tiptoe in situations when I speak and speak when I tiptoe… i.e. do the opposite of what I do and what I recommend that you do.
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