What is your “mindshare” percentage?

doI need to start with an apology: the expression “mindshare” is very misleading. It would be better to say: “being hooked by the mind” or “living in the mind” percentage…

Let me explain something:

The Mind evolved to chatter, blah blah blah. Mostly to warn you of impending doom, danger, to make you less unsuspecting, naive, like a child.

Can you stop the thoughts? Positive or negative?

No way. It is like trying to stop Niagara Falls… not going to happen.

Can you change the thoughts?

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Dark Side Report, June 2012

Dark Side Eating Up The Light Like a Pak-man

How And With What Methods And Vehicles Does The Dark Side Spread And Gain Ground? Mind-share and heart-share…

Don’t be mistaken: the Dark Side is growing, and in spite of self-professed do-gooders, light-workers, etc. the Dark Side is back to 40%. 1

Last year in June I spent six week downloading the First Phase Activators into every human inhabitant of the planet.

In the process I accidentally trapped the Dark Side and eliminated it.

For two straight months after that the Dark Side didn’t exist. Then slowly it started to creep up.

I measured it yesterday, and it’s up to 40%.

How come in less than a year it managed to grow itself back? It’s because the Light has almost no support.

I am reading book 5 of the Ringing Cedar Series. It’s by now degraded itself into a dogmatic piece of “party line” literature.

It has exhausted all its Source inspiration, and the 5th book’s vibration is now 200, down from 600 the first and the second volume.

Why is that?

Because the agenda: 100% Tree of Knowledge interpretation of what is good has taken completely over the book.

It is now growing the Dark Side… in spite of its original declared intent.

I see the same tendency at other places as well…

One of the TV shows that I watched over and over on Netflix, “Lie To Me” was really useful to me by distinguishing the look of certain impossible-to-hide emotions.

The second reason it was really useful, because it held up a mirror to me: I recognized disloyalty as a behavior I had. Seeing it on the monitor allowed me to change that behavior, consciously, and for good.

For reasons not quite clear to me, I am sitting in front of my computer, and scenes from that TV show are moving back and forth in my head, pausing and showing details of tone of voice, word usage, facial expressions that betray disloyalty in the series episodes.

Millions of people watched that show, and they are much less discerning than me. I bet if I started to talk about disloyalty, betrayal on that show, people would not know what I am talking about.

Crime movies, action flicks are a great vehicle for the Dark Side.

We learn about the world and about values from what we watch. Unconsciously. Our parents, our peers, our teachers, our co-workers, our bosses, our movies.

One of my teachers does underhanded things. Why? Because he can.

What put me into this out-of-balance state, I just see it now, something that happened two days ago.

They invited former and current students of an expensive course, promising further training.
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Talking About Flying Isn’t

your vibration and flyingTalking About Flying Isn’t. Understanding Flying Isn’t. Explaining How To Fly Isn’t Flying Either. Only Flying Is Flying.

I have been observing my “competition”.

Competition? you say. Does that mean that you are writing this article form the competitive field? No, I said it in quotation marks, noticed? I have a unique meaning to competition…

We compete for mind-share, time-share, attention share. I would like everyone to go through my programs, because I know they work. But, at least at this stage of MY development, my mind-hare in the world is very minuscule.

So I watch the people who are currently engaging the minds of the people who are interested in, what I call, raising their vibration.

In the following, (and in subsequent posts) I am going to, briefly, talk about each of them, and also about the programs they are offering.

Notice that I distinguish between the vibration of the teaching and the vibration of the person. They are not the same. Not by far.

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