One of the jobs of the Egomind is to resist change

Egomind? Well, it is just a name… even though it seems that we do have an ego, and we do have a mind.

So let’s see: neither you can find if you cut a person open.

But if you had a sensitive enough instrument, like a true empath, and if you knew what you are looking for, you would find that there is a very strong energy over the chest in the shape of a triangle sitting on one of its sides. Continue reading “One of the jobs of the Egomind is to resist change”

Humanity has a tendency to use shortcuts to get there faster

Humanity has a tendency to use shortcuts to get there faster***… Where is there? Nowhere, really, so it is all about the faster, the cheaper, the less effort for humanity. Going nowhere fast.

Was it always so? No.

I have a theory that humanity cycles through phases of being… beingness… that are, maybe the same as the book ‘Pendulum‘ teaches. The book says that the beingness humanity cycles through is the degree to which it is about ‘me’ or it is about ‘us’. Continue reading “Humanity has a tendency to use shortcuts to get there faster”

Get out of your mind and take control of your life

Getting out of the mind is easy to do, hard to teach…

Mainly because the words are misleading: you don’t want to control your mind, you can’t. You want to control and direct your attention. Your mind is not controllable… But your attention is.

Once you get the hang of it… have an experience outside of your mind, life starts to open up.

The trick is not to try to change your thoughts… that would still trap you in the mind. Or change your fear… or change your desire… or change anything.

What works is to take your attention off the mind and put it on something, anything, in the present. My favorite is to download the Heaven on Earth and follow the path of the energy bundle through the 40 stops. It goes slowly, and it does work on all the 40 locations in the body: removing blockages, one after the other. I don’t remember where I teach the stops… so I may have to recreate it… I’ll add it to this post. Email me if you want it.

Another way to move your attention off the mind is to do the “find your feet” exercise… search the site to find it… I share it in some other article.

A third way is to start examining minutely your hand… you can even do that while you talk to someone, or listen to a lecture…

What is wrong with the mind-control type of teachings?

    1. the mind-control teachings, the teachings that say: control your mind? After all they say that if you can control your mind, you can achieve anything…
    2. And the Law of Attraction teachers/fans say: if you hold the image in your mind, and hold onto it long enough, it will happen…
    3. And the Positive Thinking people say: if you can turn everything into its opposite, or just avoid saying anything negative, you’ll be happy, and blah blah blah…

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