What if you have something blocking you from growing? The Seven Boulders principle

BoulderWhen you decide on an organizing principle, aka direction for your life, you’ll suddenly find yourself with obstacles blocking even your view of the horizon, let alone your path.

This article is about that…

Some ten years ago I learned a valuable way of looking at making life meaningful, or living a meaningful life. The teacher suggested that we pick a horizon, a direction, and then look what’s blocking the way of getting there.

Since then I saw that even seeing the horizon is blocked… Blocked by seven boulders, lined up one behind the other, blocking your view, blocking your movement.

So, in my coaching practice, when I ask people to set a direction, and they can’t see any, I am inclined to suggest that they choose the direction: living a meaningful live, or a fulfilled life… without specifying what it is.

The goal is to see the first boulder that blocks your view, that blocks your path.
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Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?

Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked?

or “Coaching and your ambition number…”

There are two main widely diverging schools of coaching that I can see.

  • One is like a cheerleader or motivator… the coach is trying to get water from a rock…
  • The other, the coaching I practice, is very different.

The principle of the second type of coaching: you can only coach someone who is in action. You can redirect them… but they have to be in movement. It is not my job or responsibility to get you into movement. Continue reading “Do You Rock, or Do You Wait to be Rocked? Can you be coached?”

Your soul correction in your favorite movies, the ones that come up in your memory again and again

One of my favorite movies is a Coen brothers movie, True Grit

It comes up for me 4-5 times a year, to ponder who had the true grit… the little girl or the big drunkard marshal? 1

Which, as it turns out, isn’t the right question.

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The magic wand of instant change… aka manifestation

harry potter and his wandContext is one of those words that unless you have enough capacities, especially the big picture capacity, is impossible to explain… at least it’s been impossible for me to explain to you.

And yet, if you want to improve the quality of your life, the magic wand to do that is context.

You change the context and everything changes with it.

Your default context is, the context that is invisible to you, but obvious to everyone around you is not pretty. That is where you live… in that context.

But, you see, context is not something that if you understand then it becomes available to you…

In fact it is much like playing the violin: you can understand playing the violin… but that will not make you play the violin.

You need to DISTINGUISH for yourself, playing the violin, through playing the violin.

Maddening, isn’t it?

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Healing… is that a negative word? Is that a sign of negativity?

negative-positiveDid you know that if you say: I need healing, what you are saying is that you are sick?

This includes inner healing, faith healing, etc…

And when you start from something wrong… like “I am sick”, you are on your way to create a context that is misery every step of the way.

If I needed to define what negativity is, it’s that “what is is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Yesterday I was leading my Theta State training webinar, and I felt horrible. Partially, because I wasn’t feeling well myself. Partially because my students didn’t feel well. And yet partially because one of my students wrote to me, and I needed to feel their feelings stronger than they felt them… because I am an empath.
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What is the spiritual work I did to raise my vibration? You can do it too…

building-resiliency-raise-your-vibrationPeople ask: what is the spiritual practice, the spiritual work that allowed me to climb up to the skinny branches of the Tree of Life, and allowed so many spiritual capacities to turn on? To raise my vibration

All these years I’ve been asked, and all these years I didn’t know what to answer. I didn’t know what to suggest that you do, that I did, until this morning.

This morning, while and after I was leading the workshop “What’s missing” I realized something profound:

Life is not set up to challenge you to turn on new capacities. The box you live in has no room for new capacities, and offers no challenges.

So how are you going to grow?

You can learn to swim by being thrown to the deep end of the pool, and it’s life or death… sink or swim. Not a pleasant experience, and will probably scare you away from swimming again, for life.

This is when the need for a new capacity is thrown at you. You are unprepared, and you are not at your best… because of fear. Incoherent, and reactive.

It is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty… and it is too late to summon empathy, or courage, or resiliency, or other capacities when you need it, unless you already have it.

This is how it works with capacities.
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Meaningful life is what you want? Let’s see how you can get that…

meaningoflifePeople who have meaningful work, want to work more… they work willingly, study willingly, grow willingly. 1

What could you do to steal meaning into your life? So you can have a meaningful life?

The new year is coming. It is customary to make inventory, and to set direction for the new year around this time of the year… even though you are busy planning for Christmas.

Christmas is the right time… With your Observer, with your Witness, watch your level of abundance, your level of grace and ease, your level of love with the people whom you profess to love.

What people want the most is a meaningful life. A life that makes sense, on a moment to moment way, where it is worth doing what you are doing because the direction it is taking you is worth going.

Life is full of transactions.

Lots of transactions on any given day.

A meaningful life is full of meaningful transactions.
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The Dark Side suggestion that love heals the world

the illusion that love heals the worldThere are many approaches to fix a problem, but all fixes are more harmful than the original problem.

Why? Because fix come from the same level of consciousness as the problem… and ultimately that kind of solution: a fix, is the root of the next problem. Like marriage: a fix for loneliness, and the start of more and bigger problems… yet it doesn’t stop loneliness… (Marriage is two people combining efforts to solve problems that would not exist without the marriage…)

Instead of dealing with what frightens you today, what you want to get rid of so you can live your puny little life, let’s go back to a time and situation where you weren’t even born, and it probably didn’t effect you much.


You look at it and you can’t imagine why I would bring it up… that signals a lack of ability to see under the hood…

The time we’ll go back to examine is the rise of the Third Reich… Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
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One method to force your new capacities work for you

OB-PH996_JOBSQU_F_20110824193502It seems that one method of making the newly activated capacities real has been found.

As you know, having activated DNA capacities is nice, but unless you need it, they won’t do anything. They will be like lights that are on in streets that no one passes.

The methods I am looking for are methods that make you go into those streets, so you use the light and find ways to be different, do different, have different results, different reactions, different feelings.

The issue with comfortable and somewhat successful people (you) has been is that ego won’t allow you to take risks unless you trick it. I mean: trick the ego. Sweet-talk is great, but won’t help much in this case, I have tried.

So, the method I have zeroed in with the client who inherited his father’s company is this:
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Life, looked through the filter of games… Is life a game?


In the game of life, when you are losing, or not winning, the two things that can be missing are moves and DNA capacities.

The game goes the way the game goes, but you can play well and with a full deck, or not. Life deals a hand that you can play to win, and you can play to lose…

Each game in life has moves. Winning moves, and losing moves. You can have all the winning moves if you can’t see the consequences of your actions, you won’t win. And even if you see the consequences of your actions (capacity), if you don’t have moves, you still lose.

You have to have the capacities and you have to have the moves to win. Both are part of the invisible.

Life can be treated as a game, and everything in life can be treated as a game… A game you can win, or a game that you can lose.
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