Knowledge, Strategy, Execution, is that enough for success?

michael-jordan-mental-representationI lead a workshop on Sunday. I had knowledge, I had strategy. I executed it. It was sloppy. What was missing?

I didn’t know. But “god” works in mysterious ways, the book I am reading has an answer that shows me what has been missing for me on Sunday and all my life.

The book, Peak, the new science of expertise, calls it Mental Representation.

Mental Representation is being able to see the finished product in your mind’s eye, and also see the process getting there, so you can anticipate missteps, and can correct, given that you know how it is, how it looks when it is perfect.
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Can you heal yourself? Holographic universe or intelligent universe?

asimov-quote-beliefs-realityMy habit is to read one or two non-fiction books, cover to cover, the old fashioned way, and then about 600 pages worth of fiction.

My choice of fiction is historical novels, mostly. I like the short and sweet novellas 60-120 page long pieces, from the Foreworld Saga, that for me started with the book Mongoliad.

These books are perfect for me. They are fantastical. They always have heroes, and incredible odds, and the characters are larger than life.

Just like I used the Medium series to learn how to hold guidance, I am using these books to show me how guidance can be even more difficult to see ahead of time, and why it is so important to surrender one’s immediate agenda to guidance.

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Correction or fix? When are they the same? or how to become an intelligent consumer?

bandaidI am a people watcher. I watch what they do, I watch the emotions underlying the behavior… the hidden stuff.

Even people whose life philosophy is to help people take missteps into the arena to offering fixes. But for most practitioners it’s a pretense thinly veiling that they are in business to make money…

What is the difference between fixing and correction?

It is not easy to see if something is a fix or if it is a correction.

Am I a freak of nature or a fraud… You decide…

21I just watched a documentary on youtube. It is in the footnotes of this article… 1

It’s about a savant who accidentally has social skills and maybe all around intelligence. Most savants are autistic with no social skills, and no real ability to give scientists insight into their brain through the spoken word. Daniel, the math/memory savant therefore is unique.

I watched it for one reason: I am called an empath, but I am not an “ordinary” empath. The ability to feel another person, accurately, makes me a savant, some freak of nature.
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Want to be happy? here are the steps

weird-roseHappiness is a function of accepting what is. Life is like this weird rose… doesn’t look the way it should… orderly, smooth, safe, winning, beautiful, etc… Hard to accept, hard to even tolerate… Right?

What is accepting what is?

Accepting is saying yes to. You could also say: when you are accepting something, you give it permission to be exactly the way it is, and not be what it isn’t.

There is no “it should be different”, and there is no “it should not be” or “should not be the way it is.”
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