How to open up the tiny box or your mind you live in

Today’s article will be illustrated differently. I’ll use unrelated funny pictures… like the New Yorker magazine does.

Why? One of the ways I have opened up my tiny box is reading humorists’ take on the world. See the funny in everything. In every single thing.

Another way to open up your small box is to read, watch good movies or TV series from different cultures. Continue reading “How to open up the tiny box or your mind you live in”

Mistakes, errors, failures… and happiness

failures are necessary for growthI like challenge.

I believe that only failures, only mistakes teach me anything, so I make sure I set my life up, I set my business up to have a steady stream of failures.

My counter-intuitive approach to life allows me to be happy.

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I am not ready! What if I choose the wrong path?

what if monsterWhat if? Let’s look at it, shall we?

You see, the ‘mind’ is only concerned with future… while it squarely looks at the past. Yeah, the mind looks in the direction of the future, but it looks at the rear view mirror…

And it makes its decisions from the past, past failures, past track record, past mistakes, past pains and punishments.

Moreover, the mind is only interested in the bad stuff… it wants to protect you from it.

I have a track record of 70% good decisions, and I can see what the mind is doing: it looks straight at the 30%… not at the good decisions. Continue reading “I am not ready! What if I choose the wrong path?”

Can you learn, do you learn from your mistakes?

A few days ago I set up my brain, or spirit, or the reticular activator, or whatever it is that is doing the looking when I am busy doing other things to find ways for me to teach you to look…

…because without looking The Sight capacity won’t do much for you.

The answers come to me through different channels.

  • I may notice my own behavior that causes The Sight to kick in.
  • I may get an email that points to some ways
  • Mostly what I get is examples of how someone isn’t even looking.

The more concerns you have in life, the less you are able to look.

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