When you are looking for and find things to be angry about

I have a student who seems to be looking for reasons to be unhappy, angry, frustrated. And not surprisingly she finds something. Always.

She is working on her health and well-being, and part of that ‘work’ is to document every breakfast, lunch and dinner what she eats, what she drinks, what she does, what she feels like, and whether she had a bowel movement or not. These are all indicators of her well-being and progress.

This morning I realized something: her diary says: bowel movement: small. She doesn’t say: bowel movement: yes (or no, whatever is the case.) No she says: small. Continue reading “When you are looking for and find things to be angry about”

Unflinchingly… Authenticity is a level of integrity. A high level of integrity.

lying-is-comfortableI just finished a webinar… One of my students wrote an email to me wondering why I don’t lie to me before and doing a webinar, saying it is going to be easy, it is going to be piece of cake.

It took quite a bit for me to learn that trying to outwardly act like a Buddha won’t make me a Buddha.

The above line (The vulnerability that honesty requires isn’t something everybody can handle. Lying allows people to be comfortable) is from one of my students.

Really smart guy, isn’t he?

And I bet you can see that the next step he would take after making this really smart statement is to start… start what?

You see, most of what sounds smart is not that smart. Most of what sounds smart is a smoke screen, to hide something.
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Why is the sad guru sad? … Paramahansa Yogananda

Possession-of-materialYogananda… I have measured his vibration at different times, in different contexts, always having a different number come up. So today I spent some time in his space… to see what’s up.

Paramahansa Yogananda was a sad person. For two reasons, the two sides of the same coin: he had something that he wanted to share, and it wasn’t shareable.

His words are simply his idea what made him the way he was, and the words did not communicate. Did not do for others what they, he thought, did for him.

So, slowly but surely, his words became a lie. Now, he himself wasn’t the way he said people should be: he had sadness, grieving, devastation move into his heart.

And greed… wanting. Wanting it to be different. Wanting that burning go away from his throat and his upper chest.

And then it all fell apart… and what remained is pretense.

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How to be with The things you can’t be with, you can’t accept

dwelling-on-the-negativeI got a really great question yesterday from a student.

He asks: Is it possible to be with what you can’t accept, killing, rape, and such? And how do you do it without jeopardizing your personal values, your personal integrity, and at the same time still be able to be happy and not be mired in the dark energies of hatred?

This is a really great question. After all isn’t the world REALLY divided to right and wrong? Good or bad? And wouldn’t it put you on the side of bad and wrong if you accepted what you don’t agree with, what you don’t like, what you abhor?

The answer to the question, as almost always, is hidden in the question.

It takes a shift of vantage point.
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Self-reflection through books, movies

This is a very personal, very self-reflective post, I am not trying to teach anything. If you learn something, I am happy. But I am not writing it to teach. With that said… here it goes…

I have reduced my “work-load” to the degree, that I now often find myself with nothing to do.

I responded by making a list of things to do when there is nothing to do. I think this is the first time for a list like that: my life has been busy. Until now. It is not that I could not do a thousand and one things to grow my business, make myself fit, enjoy myself: it is just not on the schedule, so they are not part of “what there is to do…”

So my place is still a wreck, I still have tons of stuff I would not want to take with me if I wanted to move, so there could be a lot of things to do, if I just put them on my list.

Instead of that, I bought a book to read; it passed my picky muscle test. 1

It’s a book about a teenager. WTF? What was I thinking? But I trust my muscle test, so I kept reading it. It didn’t make sense why I “had to” read it until the very end. The end was so unexpected, that I was jolted out of my calm, and into a turmoil.
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Case Study #11: Dianetics vs. Scientology, Do They Raise Your Vibration?

dianetics vs scientologyDianetics vs. Scientology, L Ron Hubbard

Updated 3/15/2015
Dianetics as a methodology and theory: 190
Scientology, the church, teachings: 130
Scientology, the church, as organization: 100 1

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Case Study #4: Landmark Education and its programs

Werner Erhard, founder of est and the original source of Landmark EducationI first participated in what is now called Landmark Education back in 1985, the last weekend of August, in Haifa Israel.

I lived in an immigration hostel, I worked as an architect and town planner in Jerusalem and I was miserable.

In quick succession two Russian immigrants killed themselves: I knew and liked them both. One of them was so determined that she manage to hang herself from the window bars, even though the window sill was only about 20 inches… Knee high.

I was going to be next. Except that someone invited me to something on a Wednesday evening.

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