Stupid is as stupid does… is it good news for you? what does THAT say about you?

stupid as stupid doesYesterday’s “Trapped” article made some splashes and produced some “no echo” dead silence.

It spoke to rule-making, and defined stupid in a new way.

It separated the label “stupid” from the person and placed it on the behavior.

Stupid, as a label on a person, is a future tense “sentence”… sentence as in “the judge sentences you to a lifetime of stupidity”. No appeal… Final decision.

Meaning: no matter what you do, who is doing it is a stupid person, and THEREFORE what you ACTUALLY do cannot produce the result you want.

You don’t need any more proof of language not even approximating reality, that sentence, that meaning is all you need to see that if you are trapped in the customary language, especially your “self-talk”, and take it at face value, you are doomed. Doomed to the attitude of “no matter what I do”… Continue reading “Stupid is as stupid does… is it good news for you? what does THAT say about you?”

The Process Of Raising Your Vibration Is A Spiritual Process… Here Are The First Steps You Must Take

the self is an empty space
Photo by Colmar Wocke

The process of raising your vibration is a spiritual process. It is a process where you regain your power, you restore your soul to its rightful place, where you restore your Self to its fullness, and you become an individual.

If you are like most people owned by the Dark Side, i.e. you are 99.3% of the population, your whole existence, your attention is directed outward. You expect everything to come from there, meaning, love, respect, value, knowledge, even spirit. You think that by connecting to Source (outside of you) you become spiritual.

you are an empty shellTherefore the most important action is to turn your existence, your attention away from the outside.

The purpose of meditation, real meditation, is not to calm you, but to take you away from the outside.

But real meditation is a meditative way of living. Mrs. Roosevelt said best: What other think about me is none of my business.

The only person that wants to be with others, wants to know what other people think, etc. is the person who has no self. Nobody home. Vacant. Empty. Machine. Second-hander. Wants to be told, given, filled up. Loved.
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The Producers, The Takers, The Waiters, The Hopers, The Wanters… Which One Are You?

In this article that i started seven years ago, I looked at what it is that separates from Producers from Hunters and gatherers

I had a conversation with my friend, Nancy F., yesterday. The topic of the conversation, after some wild twists and turns, settled on what is the secret of Jewish people’s success.

Nancy F. has always wanted what Jews had, without having to be a Jew or doing what a Jew does… lol.

Much like my next door neighbor.

She want to be an Israelite without becoming an Israelite.

Here is an example: I look out the window between our houses. I mostly look to see if the mailman has been here so I don’t have to go downstairs and climb back a few times a day. Our mail comes at unpredictable times. Continue reading “The Producers, The Takers, The Waiters, The Hopers, The Wanters… Which One Are You?”

Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if…

Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if…

… if you are willing to look and see what is so about you and your life.

The truth. Naked. Ugly. Often shameful.

Here is a correspondence I had with a client today:

She said: “I’m interested in changing my context since it’s part of what keeps me stuck.”

“… answering the questions: what am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Unless you have done the work of identifying what you have been doing, and why you have been doing it, no way you can shift the context. You cannot catch what you can’t see. And you cannot change what you can’t catch.” Continue reading “Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if…”

The unspoken price of happiness

This article is not politically correct, and you’ll probably hate it… I am OK with that. I am even OK if you hate me… 1

I’ve been up since midnight.

Some nights even the most effective energy audio won’t help…
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It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth

It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.

This has been one of the principles I live by.

Now, that finally the harmful effects of the milk protein wore off… and I am returning to being normal.

So my Sunday Rants call was more productive than maybe ever. Not less ranty… mind you, but more insights.

It is very easy to think in a tiny box, and most people live that way. It is even possible for most to stay in that tiny box when they listen to someone, or read something. They never leave, never enlarge the box, never go anywhere.

Because what gives you your world, what you see, your actions, your words, your feelings… that is what is in the box.

I realized that some 29 years ago. It was New Year’s Eve, and I spent it on the phone with a Landmark staff member from Detroit.

We took turns to speak the New Year into existence.
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Love feedback or else… Make it a feedback loop…

The way to find the strait and narrow of happiness (See The Anna Karenina Principle) is to watch the feedback 1 … and self-correct. 2

Yesterday I added integrity to the starting point measurements. so far all people I measured ranked on 3 out of 100. Wow.

I had an exchange of text messages with a guy, whose vibration was low, and that is all he asked for. His vibration.

He is a Polish person, part of the Starseed Global Alliance to save the earth or something. To me it sounds like a computer game… to him: it is reality. 3 Continue reading “Love feedback or else… Make it a feedback loop…”

20 Blunt Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

blunt truthsI have found this article on the website

Some of it is true, some of it was new-agey b.s. So I am culling it… And in some of them I am going to add my two cents worth… for example the pursuit of happiness… I have learned something about that from Ayn Rand that surprised me.

Just one more thing: my students in my coaching program struggle with the concept of principle.

A principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

A principle is not something that you just pull out of your, ahem, mind. We all want to be “independent thinkers” but the path to independent thinking is through learning the principles others discovered… precisely, verbatim. So, for our purposes: a principle is quoted from someone a lot smarter than us.

A quote. not rephrased, not your take on it, but a quote. Not every quote is a principle, but every principle is a quote.

These so called truths are not principles. They are the author’s opinions. Don’t honor them as principles… And if you find that your life is based on personal opinions… try to find principles to replace them with. Really. Every single one of them. You’ll thank me for it, guaranteed.

You’ll notice that I am a lot more interested in giving you the principle of principle guidedness… than those brutal truths the guy made up… Sorry guy!

20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

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You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?

nation-of-moochersIf you are a student and you pick and choose what to read, you’ll end up with an incomplete knowledge of what I teach.

It’s like learning some letters of the alphabet, and not the others…

If that is you, please examine your reasons of being on this site, and start telling the truth: you are not here to become all you can become, you are here to consume.

What do I mean?

The world has two types of people, the producers and the consumers. This is obviously just one way to look at people, but it is a very interesting angle, you’ll see. Because their behavior, their principles, their mindset is very different. Continue reading “You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?”

In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything

nagging-louderIn workplaces people earn extra money etc. because they have been there longer than others.

In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything. Seniority is a socialistic, communistic notion where what you do, how well you do it, how much you do, does not matter. A sure way to create generations of people who don’t know how to produce, don’t grow, but feel entitled, and in effect they are freeloaders.

Then add the welfare system, the food stamps, the current trend of chanting: take care of the disadvantaged, and we end up with a society where it’s not worth to be good, to be a producer, to work even.

And we end up with a humanity that is steeply declining.

There is another phenomenon, the squeaky wheel: the ones that make the most noise, are the most demanding, that get the attention.
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