Duality: is that the trouble with the Universe, or the nature of the Universe?



I have been attracting new people, a new breed of people, people that have been on the spiritual path. They litter their emails and their speakings with generalities and rules that they learned from their teachers and gurus, one-ness, duality, acceptance, etc.

The teaching that I want to talk about in this article is the concept that duality is wrong, and we are all one.

I never understood the concept of one-ness, but because it is showing up in my space, I took the time to do some serious thinking.

This is a report on my results, so far.

I don’t know who started this unscientific b.s., but they had no idea about the world, it reeks of religion and it does what all religion do: it forces something unnatural on humans, so they get cut off from their intelligence, they get cut of from their instincts, and they walk around carefully treading to avoid stepping on tabus.
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More on instant healing and instant transformation, The Avatar, and frogs that want to become princes

frog_princeWhen you look deep into yourself, you will find that at heart you are still an infant crying for the bottle. Friedrich Nietzsche 1 called it “infantile will to power”, magical thinking that gives you the role of wanting, wishing, crying for, and gives the role to everyone around you to respond and give you what you want.

The Universe is based on the principle that no one has the right to sacrifice their need, their life, for the need or the life of another. Sacrifice is the kind of “deal” where one gets everything and the other gets nothing. No Universe, no planet, no country, no community, no family can be healthy if even just one person is willing to sacrifice themselves for another.

This is the main reason the Planet is out of balance, because the governing thought, the though of religion, new age, etc. promoted self-sacrifice pretending that good is that.

For the self-sacrificial cycle to come to be, there needs to be a value that is higher than human being, and that is NEED. Need cried, promoted as right to take from another, to suck away from another, is the fundamental motive power of a society of moochers and looters.
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There Is No Such Thing As “Instant Healing”

instant healing miracleThere is no such thing as “instant healing”. “Instant healing” is the tool of the looters and the drug of the moochers.

If we compared you to a house with its architecture, rooms, utilities, equipment, furniture, wall-paint, etc. we would be able to see a lot of the hokiness 1 and untruths that are being disseminated today by the looters, and believed greedily by the moochers. You. No offense, just stating the facts. Moocher and looter are distinctions, objective and well-defined, and unless you get offended by the truth, you won’t get offended.

If you are here because you have an honest desire to have a life worth living and to have a body working for you, not against you, you may want to relent your rigid standards as to what is true, and what is nice, and how it all works. What got you where you are is all those hoky truths, your standards and ideals, so let’s put a question mark to all that, and let’s question it all, OK?

I am working with the analogy of a house, because we all can relate to that.

The question I am going to deal with, mainly, in this article, is “instant healing,” but all I say will also apply to everything in life, your emotional well being, your career, your relationships, your whole life.
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Are you a moocher, a looter, or a producer?

moochers, looters, producersEach of these is a distinction, moocher, looter, producer. Your belonging to one of these categories can be considered a sliding scale or a pregnant/not pregnant absolute, depending on your capacity to look at existence and not feel compelled to lie.

Mooching and looting is being on the side of Death. But let us not jump ahead.

How do you find out if you are a moocher or a looter?

If you are a moocher then your vocabulary, inner or outer, will give you away.
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What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light? Why Being A Second-Hander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?

most everybody is a second-hander

What Is A Second-Hander And Why Being A Second-Hander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?

Most of the people on planet earth are second-handers. Chances are that you are too. 1

So what is a second-hander?

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When Does Tithing Activate The Law Of Attraction?

tithing: does it activate the law of attraction?Tithing Or Not Tithing, That Is The Question. Does tithing really work?

Now, why does this issue come up, and why now?

I have a client who asked this question, and because he has given me an opportunity to think this over, maybe even channel a little bit of knowledge, here is what I have come up with so far:

Tithing requires you to give from the seed level of vibration of gratitude. From that frequency you can activate value exchange. A value exchange, from a place of equal values changing hands, not from a place of being a bottomless pit in need, asking for handout, asking for more than you can give back. 1 What does that mean? Tithing is a kind of thank-you, appreciation (acknowledging value) expressed on the level of gratitude. 2

So when people ask: what is the vibrational frequency of money, they really should say: what is the vibrational frequency of equal trade? I give you this and you give me that, and we are both winners.

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