Compassion, Morgellons, and the invisible world that can be felt

Often the only way you’ll notice your attitude when it goes away.

This is exactly what happened to me today. It started yesterday with a dull distaste in my belly, and today, as I was doing some research, it flipped… and I was left with seeing clearly that my arrogance and maybe condescension was an attitude.

It is hard to see oneself… but I got a glimpse of myself in this.

I am an experimenter, in spite of the support I get from Source.

I get answers, but sometimes I have wrong questions: questions that take me on a loop.

Health is the main area of loops… A loop is when you spend time battling windmills as if they were giants, like Don Quixote.

And then I find something and I get arrogant, and self-congratulatory, forgetting that if it took me years to find it with the tools I have, I should have some compassion, cut some slacks for people who can only get stuff from the visible. From the 1% of reality, from the Tree of Knowledge. Continue reading “Compassion, Morgellons, and the invisible world that can be felt”