Are you good enough to achieve your goals?

so close yet so far! unattainable from where you are standingI suddenly got a glimpse why people are resisting doing my 67 steps coaching.

It came from Step 19 of the 67 steps… where you are asked to budget lots of money to just read… Read anything… Any good book.

And the resistance of people is tremendous. Because… this is what I wrote to a student of mine (whose yet unattainable goal is to make money) in my coaching:

I think admitting that you need to raise your foundation, from which you attempt to make money is difficult, because it is like a summary judgment on YOU…

“do you mean I am not good enough to make money the way I am”

Yes, that may be the truth… Yes, that is what I am saying.
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One fell swoop…


Turning points: I want to get really good at this!

As an Expanding Human Being, you NEVER arrive… Expanding Human Being is not a destination, it is a relationship to Life. An attitude. Learned to the level where it is undistinguishable from inner nature.

I am an Expanding Human Being, sometimes I grow like a weed, sometimes, for months, I languish… hibernate.

With regards to growing my business, I have been a wannabe forever. Trying this and trying that, but never actually doing it.

About five minutes ago I heard myself whispering to myself: “I want to be really good at this!” meaning a business growing method I bought almost two years ago, but abandoned it because I didn’t quite had the energy to even understand how to use it properly.
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Turning points: decide that mother isn’t coming

mother isn't comingSummary: In this article I talk about a turning point that unstucks you from inaction and puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. I use my own example of taking extraordinary (to me) measures where I normally would go depressed instead

It is hard to pinpoint what it takes for someone to actually do something, something out of the ordinary… or for that matter even ordinary, like doing your own work.

In one of my books 1 the “hero” sees the issue, sees the cost of the issue not handled, but until he becomes clear that unless he does something, no one will… and a lot of people will die.
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Is there a lazy way to heaven? Will my activators take you there?

lazyIs there a lazy way to heaven? Will my activators take you there?

First we must agree on what we’ll call lazy…

At the Budapest University of Technology I had a Math professor who started his first class asking who was the laziest person in the class. I raised my hand, in spite of the fact that you could have argued that I was the most diligent, the most industrious person you have ever known. But I considered myself lazy, and so I raised my hand.

He looked up through his inch-thick spectacles and said: ‘You’ll be the best in this class…’ and he was right. I was the best, but why? I surely could not be the smartest?

He explained that a lazy person looks before he leaps. A lazy person looks at the whole process they consider doing on paper and evaluate it ahead of time. Much like a chess master seeing how the game unfolds. 1watch the full movie here

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