The twinkie defense gets you off the hook

twinkie defense getting off the hookCommitment vs. getting off the hook

I am noticing marked difference in the way people of different religious, geographical, or ethnic background perform in my courses. Also I see marked difference between island people and continent people.

This is due to social evolution differences, they are not individual.

One area of difference is this: some are interested. Some are committed… or on the way to becoming committed. Some will never be committed.

What is the difference between being interested and being committed?

The story of the chicken and the pig comes to mind. They want to invite the other animals to a brunch, and want to serve ham and eggs. In that endeavor the chicken is interested, the pig is committed.

The pig has to give up something of himself. It needs to cut deep into his thigh… for the ham.

When you are committed, you are willing to pay the price.
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On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi!

A long-lost space age satire about what it means to be a Jew from one of science fiction’s greatest humorists

By William Tenn

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You are trying to eat soup with a fork…

entraining-you-for-stupidityIt’s perplexing to watch humans trying to eat soup with a fork.

Because while industry, science have advanced, humans, the race, has gone backwards.

As a race.

Backwards in intelligence… intellect, emotional, social, relationship, etc.

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