A life worth living… But what is a life worth living?

your-shadow-is-living-a-life-worth-livingWe had a fabulous session in the From Upset To Communication course yesterday.

One of the things a good course leader does regularly, is ask people the question what they are up to.

What are you up to? What is the purpose that makes it worth for you doing this course?

The purpose of communication

The purpose of communication is to make something happen through other people: more love, more money, more prestige, peace, sell more, make an agreement… the something is not defined. Lots of things. Continue reading “A life worth living… But what is a life worth living?”

The genius path to become a person with a Self

human success: living life on the tree of lifeBeing successful as a human

When you look at people, you notice that there are two different ways to be successful:

1. worldly success… and
2. successful as in well rounded, fulfilled, joyful, and loving life.

The two don’t happen in the same person too often.

There are notable exceptions. Einstein was one of the exceptions. 1

Your vibration is a lot more correlated with the human success score than with worldly success score: fame, money, notoriety.

Obviously I train people in human success first, and worldly success second… and I have chosen, for myself, the same.

Why? Because no worldly success compensates for wretchedness.

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