2 ‘Getting Things Done’ systems, and what people really do

getting things done. get rid of the ball and chainI have always liked getting things done.

I like getting things done. Why? Because everything that doesn’t get done is like an energetic attachment, like a ball and chain on your ankle, slows you down, and prevents you from soaring… having a good time, feeling free and unencumbered.

I don’t like feeling heavy, burdened, or guilty, so I learn, test, experiment with methods that allow me to be free.

I even like to be lighter in weight because I don’t like to be heavy in any way, including physically.

I handle problems, issues, doubts, the same way… handle them so the weights can disappear.
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Your ignorance in the area of health is killing you

grm_newI have a simple, cheap, and accurate report you can order… and I’ll be able to tell you some 20 health measures… and also where your problems are coming from.

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How you feel tells the level of your deep curiosity factor

The connection between misery and the level of your deep curiosity factor

curious-bookI am reading the book ‘Curious’ and I am looking at curiosity waxing and waning in my life, in different periods.

I am in the intensely curious phase. I am able to look at things that I don’t like, and I am seeing those things in a wide field of neutral or maybe even positive things… insignificant dot in the big picture.

The same things, in my incurious phases would drive me nuts, or depressed… maybe even suicidal. Or on a fixing campaign… ranting and raving.

Curiosity seems to be the factor that stands out the most between my miserable periods and my periods of life that are OK or maybe even enjoyable.

There are two types of curiosity, as I can see it:
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Hijacking the conversation… inside and outside

cool-loserWhen I owned the magazine I published for 10 years, I was looking to hire an assistant.

One of the test assignments I gave to the applicant is to sort the stuff in a junk drawer. I gave them no pointers… it was a big drawer, a lot of things to sort.

Every single applicant failed to find something relevant to sort by. I finally hired a girl who was nice, but useless…

Sorting is a life skill. Deciding on a relevant criteria to sort by is a life skill.

I learned life-skills in Landmark Education.

Previously I was like a nerd, an idiot savant.

One of the life-skill I learned is to be able to keep to what is relevant, to what belongs to the conversation.

In meetings at Landmark, they choose a “conversation manager”.

The two jobs of the conversation manager is to

  1. keep people to say only what belongs to the conversation
  2. to make sure that everything said forwards the conversation towards resolution.

I am always dumbfounded by people’s inability to see what belongs to a conversation.

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In life you are either a nerd or a floater, a producer or a second-hander

nerd or floaterAre you a nerd or a floater?

One description I found on the internet is this: a NERD is an individual of vast intelligence and curiosity coupled with a natural knack for academics and discovery.

You not only appreciate technology, biology, and all the other ‘ology’s – you know what they mean and how they work, too! While Geeks are busy flooding comic-cons and using the internet while pretending to know how it works, you are busy coding the damn internet and earning your Masters or Doctorate (if you don’t already have it/both).

Of course the terms Nerd, Geek, and Dork will always have some overlap, but your test results show an innately intelligent individual with the drive and know-how to put you behind the classic horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protector of a well-educated, deeply intellectual N-E-R-D!

I prefer to say: a nerd is someone who has a vision, a path, and skills and knowledge to follow that path faithfully, and diligently.

don't be realistic... evolve!You can be an engineer, an artist, an architect, a cook, a restaurateur, an actor, a furniture maker… and be a nerd… Am I misusing the term? Probably…. I mean, more like the hero of the movie Gattaca… where your natural abilities are magnified by your will and your diligence.


Floaters are people who don’t do anything with their lives, or at least they don’t try to. When at work, floaterdo you notice anybody that sits around or acts like they are busy? That’s a Floater. When your girlfriend or wife complains about how nobody does anything around the house and carries on doing whatever, sorry honey you’re a Floater.

If the complainers would actually stand up and put some effort into what they are doing and try to change how they are living, then they might actually spread their wings and take flight.

Hate me? Thank you. I take it as a compliment.

In life you are either a nerd or you are a floater.

The two most important characteristics of a nerd is that they know what is most important to them, and they love it.

I always wanted to be Renaissance man, because for me, choosing, committing was the hardest. I even picked architecture because I had the illusion that architects needed to know everything. And that may be true, that they need to know everything, but it is also true, that they don’t.

And especially they don’t use words to express, and I am a words person.

So I went through five years of university and suffered through 17 years of working as an architect… until I chose and committed to a profession that needed my words…

When you know what is important to you, then it is easier to organize a life around it. Then your life becomes a workshop.

What prevents a lot of people from living a life worth living is that they don’t choose their priorities, they are chosen for them.

By other people.

You become the toothbrush, toilet brush, entertainer, janitor, shopper, dildo: a service provider for other people.

You don’t notice it until there is a conflict. Conflict of interest. Between what other people want you to be, and you want to be.

Holidays are a good time to notice: what you want from your life, doesn’t much matter around holiday time… only what you have to do, expected to do, asked to do, ought to do.

It’s not a special time: it is just easier to notice because pretty much nothing that is important to you, nothing that serves you on the long run, has room in your life around the holidays… whatever holidays, by the way… Be them state holidays or religious holidays. At holidays you find out how much control and say you have about your own life. For most that is mighty little…

Nothing wrong, they should not cancel holidays, I just want you to be awake.

Floaters have never chosen what is important to them. They don’t know. They are just thrown around by circumstances, for them there is no path holidays are trying to take them off… they have no path, no purpose, no rhyme and no reason to live.

They wake up in the morning because they didn’t die the night before.

Now, you may think that I am talking against family, and honestly a month ago I would have. But sometimes you get guided to the perfect Netflix series…

I am watching Blue Bloods, about an Irish family, top cops. Every single adult in that family knows what they are about, and yet, every Sunday they go to church together, eat together, protect each other, support each other.

I didn’t know it was possible, because I had never seen anything like that. My family surely wasn’t like it. In my own family closeness wasn’t present. Family wasn’t a priority at all. It was at the very bottom of priorities. And so it was in all families I have observed…

Or if family was important, it was important from top down, not to each person. In this type of family each person was required to give up what they individually were about, and get no support or respect if in spite of that pressure they were up to something… i.e. they were nerds.

It’s rare, or non-existent, but if they could make a series about it, then it’s possible.

I can even imagine being part of a family like that.

Now, how is a family like that is born and formed?

I think that it all comes from top down…

One person, the patriarch, I guess, was up to something, had the generosity to share what he was about, the principles, the idealism, the struggles, and it became attractive, and the ambition of the children to choose their own path, and share it.

Among people I know, sharing with their parents what you are about, and getting support is unheard of.

People get married without ever completely know and share what they are about, and then the marriage is a power struggle…

Inside my parents’ marriage that power struggle never happened, but family, love, was never present.

Somehow, my older brother and me, got infected with my father’s purposeful living… my little brother, who was still little when my father left the family, is a floater. Not up to anything.

I have been working with adults.

The results are disappointing. More often than not, the person I am working with is pulled down, pulled back to being a floater by the family.

I see that I can work till I die and not make a difference if I continue to work with adults.

So I am setting my eyes at children.

Children have more freedom, and they have a good and politically correct excuse: their school grades, their future, their future earnings, their future success.

Parents want that for their children, even if they want it for the wrong reason. And they do… they have no choice about it: unevolved parents don’t really want their children to evolve, but by the time they notice, I hope, it will be irreversible.

The goal is to create nerds, children whose first priority is what they are up to (vertical), and their second priority is a loving relationship (horizontal).

What format will I choose? I am not sure yet. What age group? I haven’t decided.

I welcome your input. Especially if you have children. Children that you’d allow to get smarter, happier, so they can have a life they love, a life where they grow.

Would you allow your child to be more than you? More evolved?

Or would you like them to be just like you but get better grades?

Please comment below, or send me an email. I’d really like to hear what you have to say.

And please don’t lie. I’ll know.

steve-jobs_thumbPS: I just finished reading a long nerd article that you do want to read if you don’t have your life’s purpose, if you are ambiguous about your life purpose… here it is… enjoy: https://www.mynotetakingnerd.com/blog/personal-improvement-secret-to-steve-jobs-success/