I am still working on kindness. And will continue until I get good at it.

By the way, this is exactly how I “dealt with” the tens of spiritual capacities in the past 30 plus years: “chew” on one until I got all the juice out of it.

Spiritual capacities are a lot like a language: with each new one a whole new world, a whole new understanding becomes available. A whole new person. A whole new way of looking at the world.

I’ve read somewhere that schizophrenia and speaking several languages are intimately connected: the new language brings about as much change as if you were had grown a new personality… They probably should have written: multiple personality disorder… Disorder smisorder… Bah.

I am speaking about the miraculous switching ability of perspective, of understanding… the capacity underlying kindness. Where at a moment’s notice the “kind” person moves their perspective to include the place from where the other is speaking. Or in the parlance of the Partnership Course, they can change the field inside which to listen.
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Pick your battles…

pick-your-battles-feelingsPick your battles… have an organizing principle

A good 20 years ago I had lunch with a famous seminar leader from Landmark. We had a long history, and she shared with me how unhappy she was, and how ready she was to quit leading seminars for Landmark Education.

I was quite dumbfounded… she was the best in the country, the most effective…

She said: “We teach people to be more effective, and many use the technology to be more effectively dupe people, abuse people, exploit people, make the world a worse place than it would be if they were not equipped with what we teach them.”

I didn’t have an answer for her… but I was pondering that myself for the past 20 years.

And this morning I am as close to having an answer as ever…
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Energies Part 3 The documentary “Water: The Great Mystery” an analysis and vibrational review.

water-the-great-mystery1-300x450I just watched and listened to the documentary “Water the Great Mystery” at the recommendation of one of my students. 1 . It’s 6 parts, so watch them on youtube.

The movie is 40% accurate, the rest is misleading or is outright misdirection.

A felt that the underlying intention, from the beginning, was propaganda… a strong agenda. I first thought it’s to sell water equipment to the people, but it turned out to be more religious misdirection. Regardless whether the researchers had anything truthful, the assembly of the fragmented information, the “masterful” mixing or religious propaganda made the valuable content a vibrational level of miserable 180.

Now, is it worth for you to watch it? Probably not. Why? Because you are far below the level where the capacity “discerning” lives, which is 499.
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What are the 13 new capacities that were included in the DNA Upgrade of September 4?

dna capacities turned on make your dna look like a christmas tree lit up

I wrote this article two years ago, in 2013. Today I use different words to express what I did then. I say, today, that capacities inherent in human DNA were activated… instead of added.

But other than that… this article is as good as new… With, or course the major difference, of publicly activating capacities and seeing if they are taken or not, if they are resisted and how.

In the two years or so before the DNA upgrade of September 4, 2013, my job was to coach people in activating their human being capacities, raise their vibration, access their soul’s guidance, and connect to Source.

In hindsight, I’d signed up to do failed experiments so Source can learn humans and the human condition intimately.

In the first phase, it became clear that you cannot activate capacities in people that are unconscious and are driven by dark desires, greed, and lust.

In the second phase it became clear that even with individual activation something was amiss: humans are not even able to see that they are a result of co-creation, and they cannot just hold out their hands and get what they think they need and want.

In the third phase I worked out methods that could work if humans had some missing capacities added to their DNA.
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What is the purpose of life? For humans? For you and me? By design…


Later in this post I quote an article from the Monday Morning Memo by Roy Williams. Although he is a Christian, he is accurate… lol… I know I am offending most of you. Good. I’d rather offend than leave you untouched.

Roy Williams’ field is advertising, he doesn’t know about the machine and dynamic of the human existence, and can’t offer you anything other than inspiration. But that, the human machine is my field of expertise, my field of “engineering” solutions so you can be happy, fulfilled, satisfied, because the solutions work. They restore you to the Original Design.

I have very little access to “most people” since I’ve stopped my free connection calls. Nowadays you have to pay to talk to me, so that puts me in touch with some of most people, but not the bulk, just some.

People are much easier and more casual with that purse strings 1 and even a measly dollar spent on something not food, not junk, breaks their hearts. Junk? of course… bring it on! Knowledge? useful… Naah.

No, this is not an article ranting about people not wanting to pay the buck to get into my webinars, no. This is about my experience on those calls of people that did pay a buck…

In those Pebble calls we look at what is your heart’s desire. Depending on your current success level, I have noticed, the less successful you are the more your desire is for Easy Street, for getting, for just plain having what you want.

leisure3“Work? Work is for suckers, it should be easy.” And you flutter from thing to thing, from shiny object to shiny objects. “Shiny objects” is a technical term for a software or program or method that promises you instant riches at the push of the button. No work, lots of money, this is what the advertising says. This is what the guru says. Unlimited Abundance. Instant Healing. Blah Blah Blah… I have tested their vibration, and they are promising you a lie.
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