Look for it where it is, not where the light is on

streetlight-effect-2Everyone is looking for the lost key under the lamppost…

The current state of humanity is: no one is looking…

Instead, if they do anything, they try to think it out.

It is like trying to think out soup… no ingredients, none.

The only way to be effective in life is through looking IN REALITY, where the ingredients are… and not just for soup, but for everything.

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Soul Correction: Speak Your Mind. Instead of pretending

soulcorrection: speak your mindUpdated: Soul Correction: Speak Your Mind aka reveal your secret agenda

Update 6/30/2021: upon reflecting on all the #25, that is the numerology number for this soulcorrection, I am finding that the most dominant aspect is: self hate… and that is what is, maybe, underneath the lying, pretending, making airs, etc.

…Update on 2/15/2014: I had an interesting conversation with a friend, where we were looking for politicians with this soulcorrection. And as we were working on finding them, I had an insight: the fundamental issue of this soulcorrection is DUPLICITY.

The inside and the outside are disconnected.
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The purpose of all learning is to allow the learning to change who you are

This is not a funny article… And actually I struggled mightily writing it… because it talks about something I have never been able to teach… Your beingness.

I am reading a book for the third time in a month. I will read it again and again until I become who I want to become.

Some people read the words in a book. I read the spirit. I align my whole inside with it… if it is worth it.

And if it is worth it: it won’t happen at the first reading, the second reading, and probably the reading either. So I read it until it happens.

The two reasons to read are:

  • 1. to allow the material to change you, to change who you are…
  • 2. all the other reasons people read for…

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Is it change your really want?

we-create-changeChange vs. what you really want

We all say we want to change. Change ourselves, our financial situation, our habits.

Some of us only use the word because we don’t know how to say what we mean. But most of us literally mean: change.

But there is a problem with the phenomenon: change. It actually gets you more of what you are changing.

It sounds like an oxymoron. More of what I don’t want? Yeah, that’s right. More of what you don’t want.
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How to get love, beauty, magic back into your life?

Recently I found myself finding my life blah. So I set out to regain my will to live… because with blah comes no will to leave, much like when you are forced to eat tasteless food, you lose your will to eat.

I also noticed that the color faded from my language. People stopped complimenting me on the turn of phrases, the expressions, the metaphors I used… because I stopped using them.

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Christmas, alone, my empath mother, being the true empath, and getting to no thing

Christmas of EaglesAs far as I can see back, Christmas was a painful reminder that I am alone.

I always wanted to go home… home was a place where I longed to be, but I had no idea what that would be like. Surely where I lived wasn’t home. Surely the people I was with left me feeling alone.

Later, relationship made my life busy, but I still felt alone. Not envying others, not something wrong, just alone. Like you are on the top of a mountain, and no one to share the experience with.
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Low Vibration? High Vibration? What’s The Difference?

What is Low Vibration? What is High Vibration? Is it really vibration? Why should I have one rather than the other? Really?

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