More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed

Most winners in life master one thing in particular: they are astute. Astute: having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people.

Accurately assess… as opposed to have an opinion, have a good feel, or guess…

Is that a skill, a capacity, a virtue? What is it and how do you get it?

A have a new “most visited” post, the 31 quotes that give you chills… Why? Because it promises an experience… an experience you crave in the consistently dull and painful life you have.

Wanting to get chills without any other benefits says a lot about you and your life. What does it say? For one: you are a mystery to yourself…

I have said it before… humanity bars its way to evolution by throwing big words around. Continue reading “More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed”

Is building confidence a topic you like? Confident about…

The universe is not friendly to you, at best it tolerates you. there are no gods, spirits, angels, guides, no such thing as law of attraction. You get what you work for, or what you steal from others…

19930628I sent out an email:

My email exchanges

I sent out an email the other day. here is the whole email:

Is building confidence a topic you like?
I have been looking at topics that may be of interest to you, and so far, I have settled on building confidence…
Do you agree that if you had more confidence, you’d do more, you’d have more fun, you’d accomplish more, you’d feel better about yourself?
Please hit reply and let me know what you think.
There are no right answers, and there are no wrong answers. Only YOUR answer that matters to me.

I can’t wait. I’ll answer your email, I promise. thank you in advance,


The answers knocked me conscious… Most of my subscribers don’t live on the same planet as me… we don’t see eye to eye…

The duping of the planet is almost complete…

Until you get that you are on your own, and the Universe is NOT on your side, your life will be hell.

Here are some of the email exchanges… and at the end of this article, I’ll point the way to a world where people are smart (YOU?) and self-sufficient…

writers-worldYes, Sophie, thanks! I agree.

But I’d like to tell you one more thing that I’m not actually able to overcome – I cannot believe (I have no confidence) that the Universe is really on my side.

You know, after too much time when things are going wrong (I mean years) and I can see a solution that would be for the best of everyone involved, and I asked, and I tried to command –

there was I time I really felt confident I could have what my heart desires -, and I tried to work on myself but I don’t see anything good really coming my way except in my imagination and in ‘predictions’ from ‘seers’, in time I lost the confidence I had in the Universe, even if I keep on reading that many people think quite the contrary. And I’m starting to think that many of those people are not true, too…

Furthermore, if I’m the only one to blame for my situations in life, that leaves no room for the existence of angels and spirit guides to help me out, so that leaves me completely on my own to face everything!! And I’m so alone at that that I really feel overwhelmed… so I hoped those beings were real and I tried to ask them as instructed by the so-called ‘angel ladies’ and various channellers but I still had no help in coming out from my bad situations, only promises I don’t really believe in anymore.

Ok, sorry, maybe I’ve gone a little off topic (of what you asked), but I thought that maybe it could be helpful to remark that not only a lack of personal confidence is a problem but also a lack of confidence in the Universe.
Many thanks and all the best

astronomiaMy answer: the truth is that you are on your own, and the Universe is not on your side.

There are no angels, no spirit guides, and the angel ladies are blood sucking parasites.

Do you really think that? They’re all really lying? How can someone overcome their doubts, then, and their feelings of hopelessness?
Forgive me if I ask so clearly, but by your answer (many thanks for answering! You’re really kind!) it seems you know what to do, as if you were once stuck, too, and overcome that.
Many thanks again

dog-with-mailman-bones-capmy answer: Accurate. I was once stuck and I have overcome that.

The moment I realized that no one is coming to rescue me I was knocked conscious. And started to do what I hoped others would do for me.

Hi Sophie,

Building confidence is definitely something I have been working on. I have tried meditations, subliminals, brainwave entrainment, chakra clearing and several other programs from ‘gurus’.

I have noticed some small improvements but I’m still not where I want to be.
Feelings of anxiety, low self esteem and not being able to speak my truth (fear) are still programs running in the background.

My goal is to transform my life in every area and get out of my current situation.

Any suggestions?

space3My answer: If I will ever run this confidence building program…

…you’ll find out that confidence cannot be built by the current guru methods, in fact those guru methods do more damage than good.

I teach people to be brave and courageous and be in action in spite of the feelings or the small voice that tell them otherwise. As long as you are under the influence of your feelings you are as good as miserable.

OK… here is how the world really is:


  1. The Universe is not friendly to you

    The Universe is not friendly to you. If it is conscious, and on some level it is, it considers you the enemy: human: the only ‘thing’ in the whole universe that refuses to live and act in harmony with all-of-it.

    And because the Universe’s nature is holographic, as above so below, as below so above, the nature of humanity is repeating itself in the cancers, and bacteria…

    There are two kinds of parasites: the first is more intelligent, and understands that if you destroy the host, you destroy yourself. The second… stupid. Humanity, for the most part, is behaving like the second kind of parasite.

    The Earth is resilient, and self-healing, but is slowly succumbing to this parasite’s stupidity, and slowly dying.

    The coming Ice age hopefully will give the Earth some respite to recover.

  2. There are no angels, no spirits, no gods, and no guide

    There are no angels, no spirits, no gods, and no guides. You are on your own. And unless you start behaving accordingly, you will continue begging, hoping, and waiting.

  3. Your feelings and emotions

    Your feelings and emotions are on the surface of your being and are NOT reliable guidance. If you wait until you feel confident, you’ll wait all your life.

    Confident people take their feelings with them on the journey, while they act consistent with their commitments, goals, ideals, and while they do that they feel the way they feel.

    How you feel is how you feel.

    Don’t forget, that there IS an energy transmission of negative feelings almost all the time: your feelings have nothing to do with guidance, or what you can or can’t do. They are just feelings.

    I am confident… watch the language! Confidence is a being. Not a feeling. And I am confident because I have enough track record that tells me I have the right to be confident.

    If I will ever teach becoming confident, I will not teach you to feel confident: who cares. I don’t feel confident!

    Conversely, I feel and don’t feel a lot of things… all of them are skin deep. The only thing that matters is your being and your doing.

    If you allow feelings to influence your being and your doing, then you are stupid. Immature. Duped. Your vibration is low, your intelligence is even lower. You are fodder to fake-prophets’ altars fattening their bank accounts.

Fake prophets like Christie Marie Sheldon, like Abraham/Hicks, and all the other blood sucking law of attraction, energy-stirring, karma-cleansing criminals: Crimes Against Humanity I call it.

Harsh? Reality is harsh.

Every morning I wake up wondering what the heck I am doing. The few people that were privy to the truth: they didn’t make a difference. What makes me think that I can?

Osho taught for 30 years and had hundreds of thousands of followers: none of them learned the lesson. Remember: repeating the lesson is a dead giveaway that you are feeding on the Tree of Knowledge… dead and wrong.

Truth repeated is a lie. more accurately: truth repeated is not truth any more.

To find out where you are at, even if it is bad news, you are better knowing where you are, so you stop fancying yourself where you aren’t…

The Starting Point Measurements is accurate. Most measures are for my own use, so don’t get confused. I’ll mark the most important measures for your own use…

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