I am not good enough. Other people are better than me

sentence: not good enoughThis was people’s sentence, predominantly, when I first did my Landmark programs, back in mid-1980’s.

I remember asking myself: in what aren’t they good enough? Compared to what?

I could see that they don’t ask those questions… It is a 3-year old, barely able to speak, who says those things.

The language of the ‘sentence’, sentence as in ‘you are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment without parole’ was made up by your 3-year old… And the problem is in the language on the intellectual level of a 3-year old.

Not good enough, if your child genes turned off when they were supposed to turn off, is a great guidance. It tells you where you need work, where you need to grow, where you need to get better.

But that is an adult speaking… Not a child. An adult who can look and see… Continue reading “I am not good enough. Other people are better than me”