What does that nice cup of coffee or tea have to do with having a Self?

How much voice do YOU have in the chorus of the voices that live in your head?

It’s Thursday morning, and I am starting a new experiment.

Yesterday I discovered that I have no idea what it is like to eat when you have an appetite. I observed myself, and I solely eat, have been eating, for taste. Texture. The mouthfeel.

But my physiology wants me to eat for appetite. 1 Bummer, I don’t know the first thing about appetite… 🙁
I look at different languages to get a clue… In Hungarian appetite, the word, says “the desire to eat”. Hm. In other languages there are appetizers… that grow that desire to eat, or maybe to wake up the dormant desire? Continue reading “What does that nice cup of coffee or tea have to do with having a Self?”

Can you become an empath? And why would it be good?

I am a lot like a pitbull… I latch onto something and won’t let go until I pull it all the way out of the invisible, until all of it shows.

I just pushed the button “publish” on my article asking if you are teachable.

I had left two questions unanswered in that article: one about me learning how to connect by muting a video… and the other one: my ex student learning to connect, from me… but nothing else.

  • I am an empath. Nothing new in that.
  • The ex student is also an empath. Not a TRUE empath, like me. TRUE empaths, I think, are born. But empathy can be opened up: it is a spiritual capacity. And intangible capacity. NOT superhuman.

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Can you change the world by changing yourself?

The question in the title is as vague as a question can be vague…

But it is still a good question.

If you look at yourself, you, I bet, knew what the question was, even though none of the words are clear, and mean one and specific, discrete thing… at all.

This is one of the reasons your accurate vocabulary measure is so low, in the Starting Point Measurements. You think you know what words mean… and you don’t even suspect that they don’t mean that… 1

OK, I am not going to take the question apart, you can do it in your own time, instead I’ll attempt to make the question clear… accurate… one-meaning.

If you change your inner world, what you honor, what you value and in what order: will that effect the outside world, other people’s behavior, people who aren’t even aware of you?

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People go on talking about freedom, but they don’t want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility

getting a firm knowledge foundationI have spoken about the holes in your education in other articles. I have also spoken about the holes in your health.

Both cause you to cope with life poorly, to have less and less freedom in life.

And interestingly, both came from the desire to have more freedom, and to give our offspring more freedom than we had ourselves.

The problem can be summed up in a word: choice.

We think that the more choice we have the freer we are. Continue reading “People go on talking about freedom, but they don’t want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility”

Your core strength and spiritual growth

I am 70 years old… or to be exact, will be in two more months.

The biggest concern for older people is falling. Falling and not be able to get up. Or break a bone. My sister in law broke her thigh bone…

So many communities across the United States offer free exercise classes to older people to make us more self-reliant and not fall easily.

The exercises are directed at strengthening the core and the leg muscles.

I am mentioning this, because the work of becoming a human being needs a strong core. Otherwise one may get dizzy, scared, or fall.

Just like in real life.

What keeps you from having a strong core?

  • 1. Fear. Fear makes you narrow your cone of vision and either start pretending you are blind, or fixate at your feet… missing where you are going.

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Become someone who is living a life worth living

You are stuck on the Tree of Knowledge, trapped by words, unwilling to learn, unwilling and unable to trust anything or anyone. In essence, you are the monkey gripping the banana that was used to trap you, to enslave you, to make you sheep. It is time to learn how it was done, and what it will take to become human again.

I have had people, ex-students, who tried the 67 steps and decided that it is not the way to learn… no matter what Sophie says… They knew better.

I could not put my finger on the attitude. I could see that it didn’t work, I could see that it didn’t serve them, but I didn’t have a word for it.

Until today, through listening to Step 4 of the 67 Steps.

This step, step 4 is about learning through mentors. Mentors are teachers, but not classroom teachers. One-on-one instruction where the teaching is tailored to you. Where you learn through osmosis. You emulate their whole being, how they approach issues… it is largely nonverbal.

By the way, it’s took me 16 months to seriously consider picking a mentor or two… to emulate. In every other area I had some results… in this one I just got to considering it… this is an 18 month schedule, not instant results…

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Why I need to be some kind of criminal to really help you

Yesterday I listened to step 4 of the 67 steps. I heard something… and turned the audio off. I didn’t want to forget what I heard.

This is the step where Tai talks about the DNA that makes us able to learn, no, makes us have to learn to become human.

He uses language as an example.

Every human has the capacity to learn their mother tongue so they can communicate with the people around them. But there is no separate gene for English and Serbian, for example. There is the capacity to learn language.

And so is with hundreds of abilities. Continue reading “Why I need to be some kind of criminal to really help you”