Who, what should be your teacher for life?

compare monkeys and homo sapiensWho should be your teachers? What should be your teachers?

And why do you need teachers?

Everyone thinks they should know more, have more. Be right more. Look better more often. Have more liberty, more stuff, less annoying stuff.

But no one teaches you how to let go, how to become free… again.

Let go? Hell yeah.

Most soulcorrections, in fact the whole of humanity, with rare exceptions, spend their lifetime compensating for some inane incident that a more intelligent species would have shaken off… no big deal.

But not the Bandar-log, the just out of the monkey evolutionary phase homo sapiens… no, they are not intelligent enough. Even monkeys are more intelligent… don’t be offended, I’ll explain.

No, homo sapiens finds its excuse for not becoming all they can be, for abusing themselves and others, in their rear view mirrors.

Where they see abuse, slights, no power, injustice, embarrassment, fear, hurt, powerlessness, no acceptance, what have you… and… Continue reading “Who, what should be your teacher for life?”