You are like a dog wagged by its tail. The Mind is the tail…

You live as an object in a world of objects… an object with a mind, but nevertheless an object.

Your mind serves one purpose only: to live really like a machine, protecting itself, being self-concerned. Because if you are an object in a world of object, then every other object is a threat to you, physically, or otherwise, so you are always concerned with how you look, that you are right, that you dominate and avoid domination, you win and avoid losing, you justify yourself and invalidate others, and desperately scramble to avoid responsibility for anything and everything.

That is the life of an object living in a world of objects.

Your mind also tells you that you have to, you need to, you want to, you should do all the things that will make you look good and make it in this world of objects.

The problem with this setup, other than that it’s miserable, is that you are not ‘designed’ as an object: you are designed to be a person. But other than in labels, 99.99% of humanity behaves like an object, not as a person.

What is the main difference?

A person is not the dog that is wagged by the tail.

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