You don’t actually create your own reality with your thoughts

Yesterday I had one of the rare one-on-one calls, and the client said: “You create your own reality”

You’ve heard me say: truth repeated is a lie… and most of the time I don’t know how to explain why it is… but this is one of the times when I can.

You see, reality is the same no matter who is looking at it. What you create is not reality. What you create is your vantage point. Your attitude. The context inside which you look at reality.

But not reality.

So what really changing is is the occurrence.

Occurrence is a technical term for reality plus what you say about it. Continue reading “You don’t actually create your own reality with your thoughts”

How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions

Most of what I do in life is to feed my curiosity, that is, (luckily?) perfectly aligned with my mission: taking humans to the next evolutionary level of humanity: human being.

There is a lot to observe if you have the right questions, but observation is one thing, the right interpretation is another…

We learn in the Playground that what you see/observe/experience comes to you, at you as a tight package that like a hand, has a front of the hand, and the back of the hand. We call that in this work “occurrence”. 1

Give the same occurrence to a thousand people, and you’ll get a hundred interpretations… but what is happening, reality is always the same, only the interpretation, the words change depending on the observer. On their life experiences, on their “case”, on the number of spiritual capacities they have (that will depend on how much of what is actually happening they can see…) Continue reading “How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions”

The fixed mindset and how it prevents you from changing

How the notes you take, the stories you tell, put blinders on you and prevent you from growing…

As a coach, I will send you back to the same book, the same video a number of times. My intention is that you watch it… Continue reading “The fixed mindset and how it prevents you from changing”

What do you see with?

Brain Plasticity…

The brain that changes itself is a book I read in 2011… And today I watched the documentary… and let you also see it.

Why have I been thinking about brain plasticity/neuroplasticity?

Because I have been intrigued by the fact that in this recent illness I could clearly see the things that were happening inside my gut, and what was the next step to bring myself back to health.

Had I gone to a doctor, I would be dead.

Why? Because doctors, unless they cut you open, can’t see… they can only see what they understand, and they can only see with their eyes… most of them, at least. Internists, definitely. Continue reading “What do you see with?”