You need to be astute to know when to pursue a goal and when to quit

astute-examplesMy site gets a lot of hits… people looking to find out how they too could become astute…

Astute people are happier, wealthier, more popular than others.

Of course they are looking for a quick fix to what the opposite of astute is: blindness, unawareness, cluelessness, being a bumbling idiot, or not being able tell their elbow from their ass.

I am not talking down at anyone… I was looking at myself to come up with those opposites.

We are clueless some of the time, most of us: most of the time.
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Get paid your worth… The worst advice ever

get-paid-what-you-are-worth-4If I got paid what I am worth, I would be screwed. I really believe that I am worthless.

Instead I get paid what my work is worth to the buyer.

I have serious doubts about my own worth, but I have no doubt that my products work, my coaching works, my energies work, my services deliver what I promise.

It seems like I have a contradiction, but I don’t.

One of the reasons you struggle, because you have imprecise thinking. You are not astute.

Astute is a person who can tell apart different things with certainty.

One of the things you have been unable to tell apart is what is being said and what you add to it.
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What is the opposite of astute?

einstein-astuteAstute is a word that 99% of people don’t know. Or if they know, they think it’s a bad thing. Like shrewd… it is a missing thing… It is not part of the vocabulary of the uneducated, unsophisticated, simple folks who live a pedestrian existence.

Words are great divider of people. If it is beyond you… if it is beyond your comprehension, you probably get found out by now knowing the word.

Now, with that said: astute is a person who can tell things apart, even similar things, with certainty, and ease.

People have certain areas where they are astute.
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