Never pick a fight you cannot win… how to live life at your own terms?

Humans, as a species, are not good. They are an invasive species. Destroying the planet they live on.

This is not a moral judgment. I am amodo not subscribe to any moral system…

Morality is a human invention. There is no morality in reality, in nature. Morality is invented by rulers and governments, and churches, to keep the hordes at bay, to make them behave in a way that is counter to their nature.

It was a lot like taming wild beasts, tigers and such. The training suppresses their innate nature, the carnivore, the free spirit, and make them, temporarily ‘tame’… Continue reading “Never pick a fight you cannot win… how to live life at your own terms?”

I Can’t Be Happy Unless… How to get out of your own way?

prayer for messiah, the saviorHere is another example  for the unless (or-ness)… the distinction I’ve been trying to teach you, so far quite unsuccessfully. Why? Because it is really simple, but is really hard… and I am not quite able to express myself clearly yet… I am getting there, I promise.

Here is the article from 2011.

I caught myself, red handed, up to my chin in misery, wallowing… yuck.

I had been depressed for two straight days. It wasn’t someone else’s feeling, it was mine. It sucked. I mean, literally, it sucked me dry, took away my aliveness… Continue reading “I Can’t Be Happy Unless… How to get out of your own way?”

Clarity… the opposite of brain fog – link fixed

The opposite of clarity is best expressed with this statement: “for you: everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…” This is the condition of the current humanity.

Here is another type of brain fog: the too much information type.

The brain can be overwhelmed too… and pulled under.

This is, actually, the state most people are in. Drowning in stuff, that is neither useful, nor needed, nor fun.

One can compare it to a frat party every day. You are encouraged to drink to your fill, then maybe, hopefully vomit and do it again.

Black out, rape someone and don’t even remember, lie, cheat, follow the leader. Continue reading “Clarity… the opposite of brain fog – link fixed”