Depressed from oversleeping… and recovery

oversleeping depression side effectsSome days start out like this… I don’t know if you can relate… Oversleeping and resulting depression

I overslept. Some fascinating dream was more important to continue watching than getting up.

It’s now three hours later, and I am till groggy, unmotivated, and I have a fear that is playing hide and seek with me: I can’t really see what it is afraid of.

But just because I am out of sorts, Life doesn’t wait.

I feel I have to write an article… although normally that is my most cherished activities. But today I have to… ugh.

I have dread rising in me, from down, didn’t catch where it started, and now it is also in my shoulders and my arms… it is hard to type on the keyboard.

If this is familiar to you, I bet it is also familiar that I want to ‘kill it’ with caffeine, eating, exercising… just go away!

My amazing idea from yesterday sits on a notepad in front of you, proudly announcing: Write a book ‘The Creative Plane’ but it sounds dull, and uninteresting to me now. What was I thinking? Continue reading “Depressed from oversleeping… and recovery”