Stress, pressure, and overwhelm… no wonder you are tired!

stress-lets-break-upIt was 9 am, and I was already tired… No, correction: exhausted.

So I went back to bed, really curious what was the reason.

I asked and muscle tested questions…

I noticed that I was not breathing deeply: in fact I could not. The breath would not go through.

So I doubled up on the question: what is the cause of this inability to take a deep breath? Health, concerns, each individually, and all said no.

Then I asked: feeling under pressure… stress.

And yes, that was it.
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Cognitive biases, blind spots, a sticky point and a “remedy”

center-of-the-universe-2011We are all born seeing ourselves as the center of the world. We don’t know we are the center of our world… we just don’t know there is any other vantage point to look from.

Most of us never learn it.

Like one of my students: every time I recommend anything, she answers: “I agree…”

She hasn’t crossed that threshold, that divide between infant and even toddler… absolutely and completely ignorant to the fact that using the personal vantage point is ineffective, because it is delusional.

This is also true if and when you can see that other people see things differently from how you see them, but your view is accurate and theirs is inaccurate.

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All marketers are liars. The likely story… that likely happened but not really

all-marketers-are-liars-by-seth-godinI have been muscle testing, diligently, if the stories that sell products, courses, software, are facts or made-up likely stories.

A likely story is a lie.

We, marketers, are taught: facts tell, but stories sell.

And so every sales letter is one story of another.

I used to be a liar, because I didn’t think life was interesting enough, so I embellished it. I was caught, and it didn’t matter. I just kept making up interesting stories, mostly sob stories about myself.

I was selling myself… and because I didn’t think I had anything to offer, I lied.
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How to doubly benefit from my articles?

webinar1I love writing articles. I can do audios. But unless I can have a one-on-one conversation with you, I can’t dispell the myths, the “already always” cognitive biases, what you think you know, your prejudices about yourself or about the world…

So, with that said, I’ll like to start something, that will most likely be a flop, but at least I want to test it… maybe it can be a success… who can predict?!

When I write an instructive article, like two of them this week, I can feel that you are left with not enough instruction to help you. I am very sorry about that… by the way.

So the idea is to schedule a time where you can come and have those issues discussed in the article, overwhelm, integrating your life, getting unsctuck, etc. weekly.


Talk to me webinar tomorrow

By the way, this new webinar on Fridays is in addition to the monthly Open Mic… Talk to me opportunities. The next such opportunity is tomorrow, last Wednesday of the month, 4 pm my time… which is New York time. That is 1 pm Pacific, 9 pm UK, 10 pm Europe, and midnight in Mauritius… If you want to come, just register to the subscribers’ site, and you’ll be enrolled in the webinar automatically. You’ll get a confirmation from gotowebinar, the webinar software company… Register for tomorrow’s free webinar here –>

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The Flow… Life… The Light… how do you block the flow?

emotional-intelligence-by-daniel-goleman-1-638Psychologist Daniel Goleman, personal vibration: 200, 10 capacities active, 7% truth value, talks about the flow as a state, when things seem to go just right, when you feel alive, and fully aware…

And they say: it alters your consciousness

What they don’t see, can’t see, that flow is the “state” when you, for some reason, stop blocking the flow… when YOU, as your identity, are not there.

What am I talking about?

Soul corrections, the names and categories I borrowed from Kabbalah, seem to be 72 ways that you can block the flow and live a life of scarcity (and lack of intelligence).

The psychologists don’t see it, but each moment that there is no flow, your stingy self is there blocking it.
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Power tip: locate yourself… in reality

locate-yourselfOne of the things that immediately de-fuses an explosive situation, being frazzled, stress, etc. is accurately identifying what is going on, where you are at.

It takes stepping outside of the situation, looking at it from there, to identify what is going on.

You may have over committed… and so you are overwhelmed
You may have made promises without consulting the people you live with, and so your are out of integrity
You may be trying to prove that you are special… so you are in greed


Once you see exactly what the situation is, restoring peace, restoring calm, restoring effectiveness is a piece of cake.
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Your smarts don’t live in your brain. Comparing brains is a favorite job of scientist, but they are on the wrong track.

modern-human-neanderthalYour smarts don’t live in your brain. Comparing brains is a favorite job of scientist, but they are on the wrong track.

Instead they should ask questions that relevant… I wonder why they don’t think to answer relevant questions.

Questions like what happens when a really smart man has a daughter? How come that women, in general, are less capable, less able to make it in the world?

And the answer doesn’t live in the brain: it lives in the DNA.

Children inherit a combination of their parents’ DNA. A child can be smart, even brilliant as a potential, socialization will force a female child to shut down their capacities to please the parent, especially the mother, and dumb herself down.
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Spiritual Practice: Neutralize being ineffective and unhappy, neutralize overwhelm

looking about, multitasking, overwhelmThe ONLY way to be happy is to accept what is.

Accept how it is. And also accept how it isn’t.

Now, this second statement, accept reality how it isn’t is the topic of this article, the essence of this spiritual practice. Accept that it is what it is, not something else, that may look better, faster, easier…

One of the symptoms of not accepting reality the way it isn’t, is overwhelm… another one is misery… Want to know more?

Now, before I continue, I want to explain something:
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