Being judgmental is a result of your health number being low

judge and be judged

  • One of my ex-students got offended when I suggested that she does her homework instead of having excuses. She left and she stopped visiting my site… I felt the ‘F… you’ from her… When I asked yesterday if she was angry, she said… “No, I just need to grow thicker skin…” Her health number is 7%.
  • One of my students took two years to finally get a job, because in her last job she felt judged… for being different. She is Chinese in a predominantly White country. Once I adjusted her diet… she is flying. She went from 10% to 50% in her health number.
  • Another student is judgmental and doesn’t listen. She lives in systemic… even in the areas of food, marriage, children, smart… not a single step outside of it. Her health number is 7%.

If you are well, you can be in any state at any time

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Your desires…

paradise lost, the end of innocence, the end of infinite possibilityrosebud_sled, the symbol of paradise lostI have been pondering a student’s email all morning.  1 And when I ponder, I do it while I do other things.

What I do most frequently is play Freecell, a card game, a solitaire. I can have my bilocation most undisturbed then: I am doing something and observing it, and the brain, in the background does the processing undisturbed, and pretty much undisturbed.
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