Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?

paradise lost your complaintsI have been pondering a student’s email all morning.

Today I was observing as the machine isn’t interested in going through a process to win: it prefers winging it… Go directly to the top, or zig-zag… with no rhyme and reason.

And then… suddenly, uninvited, a series of connected memories surfaced.

The the captivating story of a 13 year old killing his abusive father, becoming a cross-dresser… pondering if homosexuality is genetic, or imprinted (brain plasticity). I think about the Royals’ sexual behavior. I think about the beautiful enchantress becoming pockmarked from smallpox… to yet another movie’s heroine, face marred with smallpox… rejected by many, and accepted by the one she loved.

And at that I cried.

The insight: the crying, came from a ‘wrong’ I experienced as a child. Continue reading “Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?”

Being judgmental is a result of your health number being low

judge and be judged

  • One of my ex-students got offended when I suggested that she does her homework instead of having excuses. She left and she stopped visiting my site… I felt the ‘F… you’ from her… When I asked yesterday if she was angry, she said… “No, I just need to grow thicker skin…” Her health number is 7%.
  • One of my students took two years to finally get a job, because in her last job she felt judged… for being different. She is Chinese in a predominantly White country. Once I adjusted her diet… she is flying. She went from 10% to 50% in her health number.
  • Another student is judgmental and doesn’t listen. She lives in systemic… even in the areas of food, marriage, children, smart… not a single step outside of it. Her health number is 7%.

If you are well, you can be in any state at any time

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