How to manage yourself for change?

manage-yourself-for changeI guess it is that time of the year… where the broken faced child comes out of the woodwork… 1

Life is cyclical. In addition to the visible cycles, there are invisible cycles.

They are intimately connected to some early life events… there is nothing you can do about them coming up: a cycle must repeat.

One of these cycles is the broken faced child coming out to torment you.

Rarely if ever I see someone who has something I “envy”.

Envy is a sign that they have something that you want, for yourself. It is a good thing if you look at it that way.

In most of us, the soul has a warped way to communicate to us. Probably because we don’t listen to gentler nudges.

So, yesterday I saw something that I’d like. In this Tai Lopez person I write about in my previous article.

So, just before I went to bed I muscle tested if his IQ is higher than mine.
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Breathing Difficulty, Holding your Breath, The Parental Disapproval Syndrome

cat holding breathSometimes when you poke around you find stuff you didn’t want to find, didn’t want to know, you’d rather not know. But if you know it, if you are willing to face it: you have a new lease on life… So read it.

This article will lose a good percentage of my readers, it’s so sacra-religious, it’s so profoundly upsetting.

I am guided to watch movies, especially hit TV series. It is hard to tell what I am going to see, while I am watching them, hours after hours, on Netflix, but I know how it works, and I know that unless I start to see stuff that my life isn’t giving an insight into, I will not be able to distinguish for you all the ways that the enslavement, that caused you to be miserable, does its job.

This article is about the family. It’s about how family is used to enslave you.
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The grand delusion: are you a soul-less human? Are reptilian influences real?

This is a long article, and a work in progress… I am still working out this whole issue: I guess it is my life’s work. So if occasionally I don’t make sense, cut me some slack, will you? If I jump around… please just know that eventually I’ll say what I need to say, and I’ll make sense.

The reason humanity (and your life) looks the way it looks is because you are a coward.

What do I mean by that? Some people know that they are cowards, some people suspect that they may be cowards, but most people don’t know and don’t give a rat’s ass if they are cowards or not.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about humans’ delusional nature.

It takes courage to have a world view where you are responsible for what you do, who you be, what you get.
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The least qualified person syndrome

the least qualifiedBefore I get into the meat of the article, I’d like to share what happened in Israel during and after the War of Independence (1948-), lasting about 20-25 years.

Most new immigrants lived in kibbutzim, and in kibbutzim, a kind of ‘collective’, the children spent most of their times in children’s houses. They slept there too. Once a week they spent some time with their parents (actually I don’t know how frequently, OK?)

99% of the children who grew up in the kibbutzim became emotionally healthy, powerful youth and adults. Even the ‘runts’ were happier, healthier, stronger, than today’s people in Israel.

They won wars, and the country was a happy place.
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When a memory intrudes on you, persistently…

335_cute_babies_sleeping_2-300x240When a memory intrudes on you, persistently, you should consider it as a sign that there is something in that memory that needs to be dealt with.

Mostly wretchedness, I have found. But wretchedness not dealt with, not confronted, not looked straight in the eye, festers and like an undertow, runs your life.

My memory is an incident from 35 years ago.

I was in Germany, and this man treated me as special. I fell for it. I remember I was going to do anything for him, but he was more awake than myself, and he dumped me.
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If your vibration is low, the more something resonates with you the less its truth value or Why Paul Selig is so popular

ResonanceIf your vibration is low, the more something resonates with you the less its truth value.

Why? Because you like what you are. You are attracted what confirms what you think, how you are, who you are, what you know. 1

There is no mystery why humanity is growing away from its true nature, not towards it.

Watch who and what is hugely popular?

The more popular someone is, the more people they attract, the closer their “truth” is to the common society trained mind. The more it sounds true to the low vibration man… The average vibration on the Planet is 120… the closer a guru is to that vibration the more people they attract.
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What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Prepare to be surprised…

happy is the opposite of reactiveThis is a republished article from June 26, 2013… So please don’t get alarmed… this didn’t just happen. It happened long time ago. But the message is as timely as ever…

What is the opposite of reaction; is it response? Is it pro-active? Prepare to be surprised…

Gurus and even psychologists give lip service to not being reactive.

They say it’s the ego’s way to take over your life. They suggest that you respond. They don’t know what they are talking about, and you, the client, suffer as a result.
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