Can beliefs be changed? With energy, coaching, activators?

Can beliefs be changed? With energy, with voodoo, with hypnosis, with activators, theta healing, NLP, positive thinking, mind movies, ANYTHING?

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What is life about? What is the purpose of life? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…

meaning-of-life2What is life about? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…

There are two schools of preference. The main difference between the two schools is how they consider your size, and how they define what is your “job” in life, what should be your aspiration.

One school, the one that we live in now, the predominant school of thought, says that you are small, inconsequential, there is something vast and powerful that you must obey and fear. That you are powerless and you need to resort to magic and fantasy and help from supernatural beings to be able to make anything happen. Continue reading “What is life about? What is the purpose of life? I mean life for a human being? Not Life, but life…”

Breathing Difficulty, Holding your Breath, The Parental Disapproval Syndrome

cat holding breathSometimes when you poke around you find stuff you didn’t want to find, didn’t want to know, you’d rather not know. But if you know it, if you are willing to face it: you have a new lease on life… So read it.

This article will lose a good percentage of my readers, it’s so sacra-religious, it’s so profoundly upsetting.

I am guided to watch movies, especially hit TV series. It is hard to tell what I am going to see, while I am watching them, hours after hours, on Netflix, but I know how it works, and I know that unless I start to see stuff that my life isn’t giving an insight into, I will not be able to distinguish for you all the ways that the enslavement, that caused you to be miserable, does its job.

This article is about the family. It’s about how family is used to enslave you.
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Is being astute a good thing? A bad thing?

astute? frog or ice cream chooseIs being astute a good thing? Or does it mean you are a bad person who wants to deceive others?

If someone says: You are very astute… that is a high compliment. It means that you can see what most people can’t, and you can see it accurately.

One of the issues that keep you from being astute is that you are dehydrated, that you are not well. The other issue is that your vibration is too low. This other article explains why and how.

Let me check your vibration


Often when people use my Water Energizer® to energize their water, or change their diet to what matches their body better, they get smarter, they get more astute.

When you are in survival, because you are not well, you retreat to the mind… the stupidest part of you, that isn’t even looking before it speaks. When you try to be astute from the mind, or be astute from the intellect, you aren’t.

You can only be astute from intelligence, from actually looking. Intelligence is a Right Brain phenomenon: not word-based, not logic-based, not based on what you know. It is based on what you see, what consciousness sees, without any filters.

Trying to be astute from the mind or the intellect, both left-brain phenomenon, word based, stored pictures based, you aren’t astute. You can’t. You are a smart Alec or a dumb Alec… neither intelligent, nor astute.

One of my best students asked for the capacity.

I turned the capacity on for her… and she promptly trashed it, by using the mind and the intellect to keep it active.

We could also say: she used thinking. Which says one more thing about intelligence: intelligence is not present when there is thinking. Thinking is mind and intellect. Intelligence is seeing. Intelligence is getting it. Not thinking.

So, with that said: If I asked you what would be the most important capacity to master in the coming years, you would come up with all kinds of capacities, but I bet you would not think of saying: becoming astute.
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Most pebbles are buried under many layers

Most pebbles are buried under many layers: have you found yours? Are you afraid that you are stupid?

We go back in time, find the incident that is the most likely that created your pebble: your key to survival, and yet, the emotions don’t respond.

How do we know that we got to the “real” pebble, not a coverup, not a fake to distract us from revealing the whole mechanism, but the real one, the one that makes you a puppet on a string, never winning, never achieving competence, security, joy, happiness, and fulfillment that could be your birthright?

Last session (I am learning as we go… I didn’t come out of my father’s head with the knowledge, guys! If anyone claims they did, they are teaching you Tree of Knowledge stuff, not the real deal!) a few more people popped. Popping is what I call it when you get to the hidden treasure.
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What is the purpose of life? For humans? For you and me? By design…


Later in this post I quote an article from the Monday Morning Memo by Roy Williams. Although he is a Christian, he is accurate… lol… I know I am offending most of you. Good. I’d rather offend than leave you untouched.

Roy Williams’ field is advertising, he doesn’t know about the machine and dynamic of the human existence, and can’t offer you anything other than inspiration. But that, the human machine is my field of expertise, my field of “engineering” solutions so you can be happy, fulfilled, satisfied, because the solutions work. They restore you to the Original Design.

I have very little access to “most people” since I’ve stopped my free connection calls. Nowadays you have to pay to talk to me, so that puts me in touch with some of most people, but not the bulk, just some.

People are much easier and more casual with that purse strings 1 and even a measly dollar spent on something not food, not junk, breaks their hearts. Junk? of course… bring it on! Knowledge? useful… Naah.

No, this is not an article ranting about people not wanting to pay the buck to get into my webinars, no. This is about my experience on those calls of people that did pay a buck…

In those Pebble calls we look at what is your heart’s desire. Depending on your current success level, I have noticed, the less successful you are the more your desire is for Easy Street, for getting, for just plain having what you want.

leisure3“Work? Work is for suckers, it should be easy.” And you flutter from thing to thing, from shiny object to shiny objects. “Shiny objects” is a technical term for a software or program or method that promises you instant riches at the push of the button. No work, lots of money, this is what the advertising says. This is what the guru says. Unlimited Abundance. Instant Healing. Blah Blah Blah… I have tested their vibration, and they are promising you a lie.
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