Is personality fixed? Or can you change it?

personality…or How powerlessness is ‘inherited’ to you… How your personality predetermines what you can do, what you will do…

I did my first transformational program back in 1985 in beautiful seaside town of Haifa in Israel. We were on the top of a hill that jutted into the Mediterranean sea, in a room with windows on three sides… No matter where you looked out, you saw the endless blue sea… The perfect environment for a course where you were promised that finally you could join the rest of humanity, that finally you won’t be left behind.

Yeah, the promise also said: Creating a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

The world wasn’t working for me… and I felt left out.

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The personality habits that keep you feeling safe, small, bankrupt, and not moving

your reticular activatorDuring a webinar, or a personal call I can often see what in someone’s personality, the way they are, the way they react is not natural.

Sometimes I notice something that doesn’t fit the picture, and just like a good detective, I latch onto it, and watch it, and if I can, I use it to unravel the mystery someone’s story is.

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What makes you who you are today?

The obvious answers are that it is your past that makes you who you are. What happened to you. What was your education, your upbringing, your genes, your environment.

And all that seems to make you who you are today, and if you are anything like the people I deal with, day in and day out, you are not happy with who you are, how you are.

Why? How you are doesn’t get you the life you have always wanted, the accomplishments, the joy, the intimacy, the love, the care you wanted.

Is how you are really who you are? No, not at all. Nobody is. Or nobody is fully authentic.

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How Does Your Personality Effect YOUR Life? Personality is what you interact with…

I wrote this article 12 years ago. I was 60 years old. I had a lot more money than I have now, I wrote my blog only for my personal pleasure, like a journal.

I was the happiest I had been in my life… but I had no idea that I could be happy… every day, no matter what.

That came later… I was still looking for a home, looking for answers to questions, like why am I not liked… as you’ll see in this article.

I am republishing the article because, I think, you’ll see yourself in it… especially the in comparison part.

I am comparing myself to others and I am coming out short… while I fancy myself better… lol.

Comparison is a very potent misery maker.
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The straitjacket of your identity

The identity you invented is preventing you from living the life you want 1

What identity? you ask.

That person you deeply believe that you are. The good person, the helpful person, the nice person…

Or the superman
Or the intelligent, well spoken person
Or the smart person…
Or the humble person…

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Who Were My Teachers in Transformation and Mindset… ?

Well, this could be a real long article, even a book.

I won’t go there! writing a book is way too long for my ADHD personality.

But there is one teacher, who I admire, Colin Wilson (of ‘Outsider’ and ‘The Mind Parasite’ fame, who wrote a book, ‘The Books In My Life’ where he strung about 15 essays into a book, and I learned more from the writers he speaks of than I would have learned, had I read the original books. Continue reading “Who Were My Teachers in Transformation and Mindset… ?”